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I Cry – Westlife

I fell apart I fell from all we had To I never knew I needed you so bad You need to let things go I know, you told me so I’ve been through hell To break the spell Why did I ever let you slip away Can’t stand another day without you Without the feeling […]

When A Woman Loves A Man – Westlife

And the sun is in her smile The only moment in a life It happens the same time When a woman loves a man She’ll be a mother and a child Sacrifice her days and nights And no other will exist She’ll put her life in every kiss When a woman loves a man And […]

Puzzle Of My Heart – Westlife

It’s the perfume that she wears I feel I’m losing my defences To the colour of her hair And every little piece of her is right Just thinking about her Takes me through the night (Chorus) Every time we meet The picture is complete Every time we touch The feeling is too much She’s all […]

On My Shoulder – Westlife

Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah All around the world All around the world Someone needs somebody Let it be a shield All around the world All around the world Someone’s feeling lonely But I know you never will ALL Cause when it all gets too much Put your head down on my shoulder […]

That’s Life – Westlife

You’re ridin’ high in April, shot down in May But I know I’m gonna change that tune When I’m back on top, back on top in June I said that’s life (that’s life), and as funny as it may seem Some people get their kicks stompin’ on a dream But I don’t let it, let […]

I Have A Dream – Westlife

To help me cope with anything If you see the wonder of a fairy tale You can take the future even if you fail I believe in angels Something good in everything I see I believe in angels When I know the time is right for me I’ll cross the stream – I have a […]

Hit You With The Real Thing – Westlife

I felt your foundation via great amount in moderate I’ve almost got you there so let me take you all the way a taste is stimulating keep you hot like What (take it till you’re high and low) Like how (system overload) Like who (sure you wanna rock the boat) And hit you with the […]

I Did It For You – Westlife

Life without taking chances Is no kind of life at all You’ve gotta stand up for something Even if u might fall Shane: Gotta take that road Wherever it might go No matter where, no matter what I want you to know I want you to know Chorus: I… Tried to do my best To […]

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Westlife

How lucky can one guy be? Kian: I kissed her and she kissed me Like the fella once said: Shane: Ain’t that a kick in the head? Mark: The room was completely black I hugged her and she hugged back Like a sailor said quote: Ain’t that a hole in a boat? Nicky: My head […]

Uptown Girl – Westlife

She’s been living in her uptown world I bet she never had a back street guy I bet her mama never told her why I’m gonna try for an uptown girl She’s been living in her white bread world As long as anyone with hot blood can And now she’s looking for a downtown man […]

Angel’s Wings – Westlife

Lay down my life for you The only thing that means everything to me ‘Cause when you’re in my arms You make me prouder than Than anything I ever could achieve And you make everything that used to seem so big Seem to be so small since you arrived On angel’s winds, an angelical formation […]

Obvious – Westlife

Yeah, ooooh… We started as friends But something happened inside me Now I’m reading into everything But there’s no sign you really like me, baby You don’t ever notice when I’m turning on my charm Or wonder why I’m always where you are Shane (Westlife): I’ve made it obvious Done everything but sing it (I’ve […]

Dreams Come True – Westlife

(Better take a look inside) Close your eyes find out what they’re trying to say (You gotta take a look inside) Only for a minute Just to make a start Imagine what you wanna see Wake him up the wizard Sleeping in your heart Just imagine what you wanna be Don’t you know that… (Chorus) […]

Can’t Lose What You Never Had – Westlife

And when i’m near you i can’t breathe A girl like you gets who she wants When she wants it You’re so out of my league I show you no emotion Don’t let you see what you’re doin’ to me Imagine the two of us together But I been livin’ in reality Fear of rejection. […]

Summer Wind – Westlife

It lingered there to touch your hair and walk with me All summer long we sang a song and then we strolled that golden sand Two sweethearts and the summer wind Like painted kites those days and nights tbey went flyin’ by The world was new beneath the blue umbrella sky Then softer than a […]

Mack the Knife – Westlife

And he shows them pearly white Just a jack knife has old MacHeath, babe And he keeps it out of sight You know when the shark bites with his teeth, babe Scarlet billows start to spread Fancy gloves though wears old MacHeath, babe So there’s never, never a trace of red Now on the sidewalk, […]

Loneliness Knows Me By Name – Westlife

Loneliness is always looking for a friend It found me once and it has been around since then Loneliness is never waiting by the door It sweeps right through and it will never be ignored Why, why was I chosen? Why am I left without? The love of my life, the love that I need […]

How Does It Feel – Westlife

True lovers never take it slowly When they’ve found the one and only Nothing can replace this feeling Knowing someone loves you It’s painted with the pain and glory Taking from a known sad story Laying out my life before me Fearing the unknown Sharing never showed me much appeal And now I’m only praying […]

Miss You Nights – Westlife

I’ve had many times I can tell you Times when innocence I’d trade for company And children saw me crying I thought I’d had my share of that But these miss you nights are the longest Bryan: Midnight diamonds stud my heaven Southward burning like the jewels that are your face And the warm winds […]

Imaginary Diva – Westlife

And it was then I seen her She didn’t need no diamond rings Fancy cars, Versace things to please her She’s my perfect girl And I call her my imaginary diva Every girl she passes by Just can’t deny that they would love to be her All the guys comparing sizes Tucking shirts in, fixing […]

She’s Back – Westlife

Took some time to heal To get my heartbeat back Just when I’m ahead Returning from the dead She’s back again… Aha She knows just what to say She always gets her way Just when I was free She’s back inside of me She’s back again Mark (All) So tell me why the hell I […]

Fly Me To The Moon – Westlife

Let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars In other words, hold my hand In other words, baby kiss me Fill my heart with song And let me sing forevermore You are all I long for All I worship and adore In other words, please be […]

Tonight – Westlife

If I took it all out on you I never meant to If I left you outside If you ever felt like I ignored you Know my life is all you So put your best dress on And wrap yourself in the arms of someone Who wants to give you all the love you want […]

Soledad – Westlife

If only you could heal my heart just one more time Even when I close my eyes There’s an image of your face And once again I come to realise You are a loss I can’t replace Soledad It’s a keeping for the lonely Since the day that you were gone Why did you leave […]

Close Your Eyes – Westlife

Tomorrow morning I have to leave But wherever I may be Best believe I’m thinking of you I can’t believe how much I love All we have is here tonight We don’t want to waste this time Give me something to remember Baby put your lips on mine And I’ll love you forever Anytime that […]

Open Your Heart – Westlife

you have to believe it i don´t know what went through my mind but now i can see that i waited too long to tell you how much it matters just to be right here with you but i couldn´t think of anything better i should have told you so baby open your heart won´t […]

Amazing – Westlife

Follow me around just like a shadow I’ll swim a never ending ocean Until you bring back your devotion It’s like I live a thousand lifetimes Still looking for the one that feels right See, moving on just isn’t working You lit the fire that I’m burning And all I’ve been doing is protecting A […]

That’s Where You Find Love – Westlife

I found the greatest prize You and I could not be closer And in your arms Is everything I want Now I know my search is over And I don’t know where you take me But it’s exactly where I wanna be It’s where the stars line up It’s where the oceans touch It’s in […]

We Are One – Westlife

too scared to get along till two hearts beat together underneath one sun one very special moment can turn a destiny and what some would say could never change has changed for you and me ’cause it’s all, it’s all in the way you look through your eyes and when all is said and done […]

Unbreakable – Westlife

Held me close, you were always there By my side, night and day Through it all, baby come what may Swept away on a wave of emotion Oh we’re caught in the eye of the storm And whenever you smile I can hardly believe that you’re mine Believe that you’re mine This love is unbreakable […]