Performer WET WET-WET

Yesterday – Wet Wet Wet

All my troubles seem so far away Now it looks as though they’re here to stay Oh i believe in […]

Shed A Tear – Wet Wet Wet

About the way you’ve been pulling my heart strings When I think I’m on my feet again, I fall down, […]

I Wish – Wet Wet Wet

That was the way when i first met you baby You weren’t right for me I didn’t really care Act […]

Only Sounds – Wet Wet Wet

Like I’ve never known before And the winter winds blowing colder And I just can’t take anymore Feel I’m running […]

Temptation – Wet Wet Wet

With their bullets of deception With the smile upon your face Going from second hand to almost new Well I […]

Lonely Girl – Wet Wet Wet

You lost your thrill, and you can’t hide it Knew it from the start Your world could fall apart Didn’t […]

Celebration – Wet Wet Wet

It’s a funny thing It’s full of diamonds And a pretty ring But it’s gonna get me Oh it’s gonna […]

Julia Says – Wet Wet Wet

It seems my life was standing still Who’s sorry now, it’s funny how i didn’t know it Here we go […]

Broke Away – Wet Wet Wet

All I ever want lies forgiven Took away all of those chains and say They broke away, they broke away […]

Home Tonight – Wet Wet Wet

Then i don’t recognise That subtle look that’s in your eyes And in the distance now I hear your whispers, […]