Performer WHAM

Like A Baby – Wham!

Blinded me to empty charms. I crossed the ocean, Fell into your arms… So sure…so wrong.. You sang me a […]

Battlestations – Wham!

You try my patience Your tongue – it’s like a razor You choose your words like weapons Here we go […]

I’m Your Man – Wham!

Call me bad Call me anything you want to baby But I know that you’re sad And I know I’ll […]

Blue – Wham!

And every day, I seem to laugh a little less Living this way, it seems my sky’s a little darker […]

Freedom – Wham!

People saying that you’re no good for me… “;Saw your lover with another and she’s making a fool of you…”; […]

Bad Boys – Wham!

Dear mummy, Dear Daddy, You had plans for me, I was your only son. And long before this baby boy […]

Love Machine – Wham!

I’m just a love machine And I won’t work for nobody but you, I’m just a love machine, A huggin’, […]