What A Day – Nonpoint

and the party you left your fuckin’ keys at
and had to beg for a ride from a stranger that I never met before he acted
so friendly that I had to take the ride
but for some reason he resembled that guy wanted for a robbery
and beatin’ on his kid “;you remind me of my stepson”; he chuckles with a grin.
What was that move that they taught in self-defense
where you block the killer’s knife move with some confidence the signal
when you’re trapped inside a moving car I wonder if he’ll drive real far.
What a day, you should’ve stayed home shootin’ the breeze all day,
you should think next time before you start to play,
I wonder what will happen today.
Rub your eyes from no sleep this week tap your heels home then fall asleep.
Sittin’ around looking for a fight kinda’ pissed off how I’m turnin’
My life up-side down from insecure insecurities makin’ up
My mind through old hypocrisy up and out of harms way down
cause I want to be there here because you want

Lyric What A Day – Nonpoint