When I Get Out – TQ

Been in here about a year
Never thought the game would take me under
I’m ’bout to get my first tear
While I’m sittin’ in my sell I wonder
What are you doin’ outside
Are givin’ all my ass up
You a dime so niggaz won’t pass up

Wait a minute nigga betta back up
I told you long time ago
I’ll always have your back
And you see I’m still comin’ off wit half them checks
So why you trippin’
Ain’t gotta worry ’bout nobody
Gettin’ up in your stuff
Soon as the jury said guilty
I closed it up
Bought you new bible wit a blunt in it
Already rolled up
Between Numbers and Dueteromy
That where you’ll find me

Don’t mind me
I’m feenin’ baby
I want some ass real bad
Locked up wit all of these hard legs
Scrapin’ daily, I miss my baby, I’m goin’ crazy
Gotta get out of this place can’t you help me

[TQ] – How can you love me
[Ericka] – Somebody’s gotta do it
[TQ] – It’s gotta be hard
[Ericka] – Ain’t really nothin’ to it
[TQ] – But you make me happy
[Ericka] – Boy you never should of had no doubt
Can’t wait til you get out
[TQ] – When I get out
[Ericka] – I already told you
[TQ] – I guess I didn’t believe it
[Ericka] – You spent all of your time
[TQ] – Fucked up and gettin’ weeded
[Ericka] – But you make me happy
[TQ] – So I’m sittin’ here countin’ dayz down
Can’t wait til I get out
[Ericka] – When you get out

Things can get back to the way they used to be
You and me in the cromed out E
Bumpin’ bone thugz
Got the pedel to the floor
We dippin’, kinda high and trippin’
Yo shit is finga lickin’

Wait a minute
I really miss ya
So don’t get me started
Sweatin’ to bumpin’ and grindin’ right throught these bars yeah
Got a little somethin’ to help ya make
Just picture me naked
Can’t feel your body and I hate it goin’ crazy

Lyric When I Get Out – TQ