When The Sinner (edit) – Helloween

Now it’s time – to shake it all up, to be free,
Oh, it feels so bad, yes, it feels so bad,
When everything good looks so bad,
Whem everything right goes to wrong.

I am up – to break it all down what’s in my way,
I won’t stop – until I am where I’m going to stay,
Noone holds me back, no, noone holds me back,
Don’t wanna be what I’m not,
But it’s gotta be myself who breaks my neck.

I look here and you look there, I know it’s got to be somewhere,
Over my head – look over my head
We look around and search around and walk around and hear around
And you won’t see no halo
We keep on looking till we know what for.

If you don’t know it I don’t know it, we don’t know it, who will know it?
It’s driving me mad
All of us don’t know what we should know, maybe one day we’ll know,
I must hold it back inside
But anyway we’ve got to make a stop.

When the sinner searches sin – it’s all of us,
When we finally search inside – it’s under us.
We keep on looking anyway if we don’t find it – who must pay?
All I’ve ever done – I’ve done for you!

In my mind – the battle goes on ’til I give up,
Will we find – the key of life we once have dropped?
Do you really care? – Tell me you really care?
You may find Mr. Blame, but the guilt of life burns everywhere.

Give me light to see my inside, give me light to see my sin,
Over my head – look over my head
I’d never do what I regret, I’ve never done anything bad,
And you won’t see no halo
You must be joking when you point at me.

Hey! don’t you blame me! Don’t you touch me!
Won’t you ever leave me be? I wanna live! Don’t wanna think!
It’s driving me mad
Why should I give what I can drink?
I must hold it back inside
Man! Life is short, so I take what I need!


I feel inside it’s such a
Noone fights fair but who’s to

Lyric When The Sinner (edit) – Helloween