When The Sky Turns Black – Graveworm

Death has come – life is gone
Humanity in the sphere of death
The world falls down…
When the sky turns black
When the sky turns black – black

Desperate cry (in the) infinity of life
The world destroyed by humynity itself
Life ended as the world falls down
The death is the door of life

God forgot their mistakes of life
The nature burn in time
Heaven fall silent down
The world went black when the war…

Death is the way
You find the life
Your mind will die
And you will cry

Your god shout down
The punish of time
The angel of death
Will now become

Seeing days like the time of eternal night
The world burns now the end of life has come for me
Insanity, infinity in this life of pain
Flames of sorrow deepest hate destroyed the life

Stand alone in the night
Sorrow in your mind
Tears in your eyes

Lyric When The Sky Turns Black – Graveworm