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The Burning Of Atlanta – Whiplash

The fire in his eyes is ibearing no disguise Armed with an evil grin, that sparks the flame within The pyromaniac will burn this town, ignoring all costs Chorus: Atlanta is burning down Atlanta is burning down Atlanta is burning down Atlanta is burning down Thousands will die And there’s no telling why In his […]

Respect The Dead – Whiplash

That’s when you’ll cofess Cut you down to size Make you realize That you not so tough Say you’ve had enough What it takes to learn On the cross you’ll burn You must respect the dead That’s where your future lies You must respect the dead Or they’ll rip out your eyes When you in […]

Last Man Alive – Whiplash

You can hear every cloud story to be told Listen close what is this Not bird or plane Could it be the H bomb fucking with your brain Chorus: Even if you’d seen it you never would believe it Even in your sleep you would never dream it The bomb is falling fast nothing’s going […]

Snake Pit – Whiplash

Captor’s ignoring the cries Tragedy’s stand, trouble at hand Death jury plots the demise Hungry to kill Torture at will Anxiously waiting the word Sentence to cast Won’t be the last Laugh when the verdict is heard Last straw Through with the final injunction Case closed No one will ever get free Chorus: Snake pit […]