Whispers In The Dark – Profyle

I hear whispers in the dark,
sayin baby don’t u stop
Makin love to u but you’re not in my bed,
Sexy dreams that stop and start
Voices tearin me apart
u keep on callin me whispers in the dark

You step in the room
close the door
trail your clothes across the floor (you come to me)
fine as you wanna be yeah
you slowly turn back the sheets
slide your body on to me (so sexually)
girl you don’t miss a beat no


(then when i touch you so sexy,
i’ll help you get off,
i’ll make you feel so good u wanna cry
when i’m deep inside your love
and when you touch me so sexy my love is like a rock
you say let’s get down tonite
but then i awake)I hear whispers in the dark.


Eleven days, my mind replaced,
every word and every move u ever make,
(non-stop twenty four play)
When i close my eyes you come to life

Lyric Whispers In The Dark – Profyle