Whispers – Usher

I feel girl, when i’m close to you
At times i’d wish that my (heart could tell you how)
Much i love you, but my heart speaks in whispers…

If my heart could speak you’d know
Girl if my heart could speak you’d know
That i love you so (and i’ll never let you go

If you can feel what i felt (just now, kiss me)
To prove that your love for me is true
Two hearts that beat as one, send signals
To each other in whispers…

I would tell you how i felt, if i could find the words
To describe (the way i feel when you are near)
Whenever you are by my side
What i feel inside is deep and i just don’t know
What to say (because my words get in the way)
Everytime i try to say (i love you) what i feel
Deep inside


Lyric Whispers – Usher