White Noise – Corrosion Of Conformity

, You Dont Speak For Me
Proud Is What I Am
But I Never Condemn A Man
One Race – No Way
Nightmares Come True These Days
We All Know This Fight Is For Real
Howling Like A Jackal, Begging To Be Heard
Growing Like A Cancer, Beliefs That Fight The World
White Noise
Pain Triggers The Mind
This Pale Solution Lied
Time – The Names Will Change
But Still These Scars Remain
More Lies – More Hate
Your Strength Controls Your Fate
Go Inside – Do You Like What You Find?
Rise – Fight
Wrong – Right
Lost – Sight
Stand – Victim Of Fear
Your Voice Is Screaming Clear
Power Reveals The Need

Lyric White Noise – Corrosion Of Conformity