Ain’t Gonna Cry No More – Whitesnake

Rising with the morning sun I turn to greet the dawn, Knowing I must face another day…. Sleepless night behind me, Just a memory of pain, My heart has always been a cross to bear…. Lord, I know the sunshine, But, I feel the tears of rain Falling down to wash my sins away…. I’ll […]

Fool For Your Loving – Whitesnake

I was born under a bad sign, Left out in the cold…. I’m a lonely man who knows Just what it means to lose control…. But, I took all the heartache And turned it to shame, Now I’m moving, moving on, And I ain’t taking the blame…. Fool….don’t come running to me, I know I’ve […]

Slip Of The Tongue – Whitesnake

Girl you’d shame the devil with the look that’s in your eyes I know what’s on your mind and I can’t run away If I don’t give you what you want there’s gonna be some hell to pay Creeping up behind me, knocking at my door I’d never be too blind to see just what […]

Straight For The Heart – Whitesnake

I’m coming round to see you Kicking down your door I’ve got to tell you girl I really can’t take no more… Cos i’ve been hearing about you Everybody says you’re front page news Layint it down, all around the town Giving all the boys the blues Stand and deliver in the name of Love […]

Now You’re Gone – Whitesnake

And I can’t go on when I think of the love you have taken In the night, I pray for your embrace Every time I close my eyes I can’t escape your face You’re out of sight, but always on my mind I never realized my love could be so blind You’re all I want…can’t […]

Black And Blue – Whitesnake

You never call me, babe, Until your man is gone, I know it’s you When I pick up the telephone…. You ask me how I am And if I’m doing well, When all you want from me Is just to ring your bell…. Take your time, we can do some lines, Cos’ it’s alright…. We […]

Bad Boys – Whitesnake

I know you, you know me I’m the black sheep of the family I’m in an’ out of trouble I’m the talk of the town I get wild in the street When the sun goes down… I steal around, like a thief in the night Dancing ’til the break of day Bad Boys Running undercover […]