Nightmare – Wicked Angel

Your pulse is racin’ and your temperature starts to rise Any every ounce of fear, is showin’ in your eyes. You grab on tight as the coaster starts to roll. If you think you’re in a dream, you’re nothin’ but a fool! CHORUS: You’re in a nightmare! Nowhere to run to, in a nightmare. Nocturnal […]

White Lies – Wicked Angel

Oh white lies, wear a thin disguise. Oh white lies, see it in their eyes. Don’t let her in! She will always win. CHORUS Another shot in the dark, senseless violence Another shot in the dark, break the silence. Another shot in the dark, man lies bleeding. Another shot in the dark, who are you […]

American Spirit Horse – Wicked Angel

Runnin’ down the winding road, my brothers by my side. Spirit as unbridled as the Harley that I ride. They brand me an outlaw, cause I don’t play by their rules. Fear has made them die inside, they’re the bloody fools. CHORUS: Ride hard! Live free! American Spirit Horse, inside of me. The spirit of […]