My Tambourine – Wild Orchid

Won’t you come play… Yeah I got a little somethin’ I want you to play with And it ain’t a little somethin’ I usually want you to play with You see I’m looking for a new one to join my band I promise you’ll have lots of fun Once you take it in your hand […]

Love Will Wait – Wild Orchid

So able to be free How easy it would be To give you all of me I’m closer to you now Closer than I have ever been before As my body starts to give it all My heart stops to be sure that Love Will Wait More than just a minute I’m telling you that […]

Our Lips Are Sealed – Wild Orchid

We’ve got a secret, but our lips are sealed We’ve got a secret, but our lips are sealed Can you hear them they talk about us Tellin’ lies, well that’s no surprise Can you see them, see right through them They have no shield, no secrets to reveal It doesn’t matter what they say In […]

You Don’t Own Me – Wild Orchid

On a Sunday afternoon Just holding hands Lovers making future plans together We though forever, forever, yeah Ў­ Now here we are That hand that used to hold me gently DoesnЎЇt know when to let me go It holds too tight now And we just fight now Where is the love You donЎЇt own me […]

Lies – Wild Orchid

Boy it comes as no surprise (no no) Cause when I look into your eyes (your eyes) I could see all those (oh) other girls You’ve been caught telling those lies Boy I knew it from (oh oh) the start So you could never break my heart Didn’t think I was this wise (yeah yeah) […]

25 Days Of Christmas – Wild Orchid

get the the world off my mind, and treat myself to a vacation. I’m ready ended to go, and I thought you should know, I wanna spend some time with ya baby. Maybe there’s just something about this time of year. Something in the air just make me want you near. We’re gonna share 25 […]

Come As You Are – Wild Orchid

You need no alibi Show your emotions, give me a sign Let me know that you’re mine Be my lover, be my best friend Oh baby, save me when I fade And I will always love you I promise I’ll be true to you If you… Come as you are Don’t change a thing Here […]

At Night I Pray – Wild Orchid

So alone And this room feels so cold No one to care and no one to hold Yeah the Lord knows That I’m needing somebody like you, just like you Can you see The passion burning in my eyes Do you sense The rush you give my heart And if you knew The secret way […]

Take You Higher – Wild Orchid

Hello goodbye–do you wanna ride You don’t need to know where you’re going Take a trip through the old and the new It’s easy to see that you’re jonesin’ Come fall into our journey We’ll raise our hands to lift you up So stay awake it’s early ‘Cuz there’s always more tequila Let me take […]