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Yes Yes Y’All – Will Smith

Intro: Sonny Cheba yes at the start of the new jiggyness with the Trackmasters Camp Lo and Willie gon’ give it to ya know what I mean lot of macoronis here check it out for all the tenderonis ah ha ha like chatchy and joni Verse 1: Will Smith lights camera action the hip-hop attraction […]

Miami – Will Smith

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Miami, uh, uh Southbeach, bringin the heat, uh Haha, can y’all feel that Can y’all feel that Jig it out, uh Here I am in the place where I come let go Miami the base and the sunset glow Everyday like a mardi gras, everybody party all day No work all […]

Don’t Say Nothin’ – Will Smith

when I released my first single back in like ’86 people was like oh you know that’s popcorn and you know they weak you know then I mess around I go world trade on them bangin’ out them multi-plastic still got negativity to bring my thing is you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing […]

Nod Ya Head (Remix) – Will Smith

Come and get down for the black suits baby Just let it loose up in here go crazy The way you bouncin’ and shakin’ I know you feelin’ me So get up out ya seat come on and nod ya head with me (nod ya head) Come and get down for the black suits baby […]

Here He Comes – Will Smith

[Chorus: Will Smith] Here he comes, he can rock He can breakdance and he can pop He can rap, and he can act And if it come down to it he can scrap Hey there, here come Big Will again [Will Smith] Here I come y’all, here I come y’all Watch your back y’all, here […]

Summertime – Will Smith

Intro/Chorus: *sung* summer, summer, summertime time to sit back and unwind Verse One: Fresh Prince Here it is the groove slightly transformed just a bit of a break from the norm just a little somethin’ to break the monotony of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be a little bit out of control […]

Could U Love Me – Will Smith

Uhh.. hoo! Uh, yo, Big Will, in the place to be Mic check and uh, mic check and uh Uh, uh, yo Would you love me in the shack in a shanty town? Would you love me if my pants was hand-me-downs? Hah, huh? Yo, yo [Verse One: Will Smith] Often times I hear a […]

Give Me Tonite – Will Smith

Uh Check check Yo yo yo Across the room Share a little daze with me Crazy momma how your sent play with me Eyes covered hide in your heart angelic lookin’ Thinkin’ misinterest but I can tell you’re lookin’ Face-to-face and eye-to-eye stance with me I didn’t even say nothin’ I felt you wanna dance […]

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (Theme Song) – Will Smith

and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became the Prince of a town called Bel-Air In west Philadelphia, born and raised; on a playground is where I spent most of my days. Chillin out, maxin, relaxin’ all cool and all shootin some b-ball outside the school […]

The Rain – Will Smith

[Chorus: Jill Scott] The little rain drops fallin’ down on me But I can’t seem to feel it, feel it Feel it coming over me [Will Smith] The rain gon’ come through the window, pain will come Black, white, rich, poor, it’s the same old drum Rainy days like the war, use wisdom as a […]

Lost & Found – Will Smith

Original – a first form from which varities arise An authentic work of art as opposed to an imitation, or reproduction [Verse One: Will Smith] Why should I try to sound like y’all sound? That’s what’s wrong with the rap game right now Man it’s like a circus with a bunch of clowns With a […]

I Wish I Made That / Swagga – Will Smith

Just the veteran taking the mic back David Letterman even said he like that track man Even though he ain’t a rap fan Black radio, they won’t play though Ever since “Summertime” they ain’t liked none of mine Even though the fans went out & bought enough I guess they think Will ain’t hard enough […]

Can You Feel Me? – Will Smith

[Will Smith] Whoo! What? What? Can you feel me baby? I can feel you No doubt, known to make it happen [Will Smith] I see you wanna dance huh With your girls and your friends huh What about me and my menz huh Roll through in the Range and the Benz huh Wanna jam on […]

Candy – Will Smith

Excuse me Miss, can we chat for a second I’d ask how you doin’, but you fine I reckon Wait, do you have a man, cause I aint’ into home-wreckin No?. .Aiight cool just checkin Look, from a hundred yards you caught my eye An all my boys said I didn’t have the heart to […]