Performer WILL SMITH

Just Cruisin’ – Will Smith

[Will Smith] Intro, the maestro, nice flow Hot like nitro.. cool as ice though That type of dichotomy, y’all know […]

Pump Me Up – Will Smith

[Fresh Prince] Yo Jeff baby lets keep it ol’ skool Pump Pump Pump Pump Me Up Haha Jazzy Jeff & […]

Uuhhh – Will Smith

[Kel Spencer] (Uuhhh) Can you feel it baby? (Take me away) Flow crazy Make em’ say (Uuhhh) Make It hot, […]

Freakin’ – Will Smith

I’m bout to freak this Ha, ha, ha, ha What? What? What? What? Uh, Big Will, uh I’m bout to […]

Y’all Know – Will Smith

Observe the high roller Mic controller Number one hip-hop son call me solar Why? cause I shine Praise the Big […]

I Loved You – Will Smith

when I met you at the freaknin’ whoever thought you’d be the type to greet and keep secrets my friends […]

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