Performer WILL SMITH

Freakin’ – Will Smith

I’m bout to freak this Ha, ha, ha, ha What? What? What? What? Uh, Big Will, uh I’m bout to […]

Y’all Know – Will Smith

Observe the high roller Mic controller Number one hip-hop son call me solar Why? cause I shine Praise the Big […]

I Loved You – Will Smith

when I met you at the freaknin’ whoever thought you’d be the type to greet and keep secrets my friends […]

Loretta – Will Smith

{*”Ms. Loretta”* – 2X} [Chorus: Will Smith singing] Loretta, wrote a love letter to a stranger Thought that he would […]

So Fresh – Will Smith

(let’s listen to this dramatic show which was popular in the early days of radio) [Will Smith] Ha ha, unh, […]

Wave Em Off – Will Smith

From a distance Your witness, the glow from my entourage Gravitate toward the ambience See me and my men on […]

Switch – Will Smith

Alright ready Come on man, this is what I do Yo mic check, mic check, yeah here you go Nah, […]

Potnas – Will Smith

The kind that X and Ja ‘Lil was talking bout When they wrote Friends, how many of us have them? […]

Who Am I? – Will Smith

[Rodney Jerkins] Darkchild, Big Will, 2000 Bust out, shake it up now Come on, come on And shake it up […]

Im Comin – Will Smith

Will: Ugh, Ugh, I’m comin’ (echoes)… …Watch ya back, I’m comin… [Man (singing):] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh (echoes)… Will: Big […]

Miami – Will Smith

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Miami, uh, uh Southbeach, bringin the heat, uh Haha, can y’all feel that Can y’all feel […]

Summertime – Will Smith

Intro/Chorus: *sung* summer, summer, summertime time to sit back and unwind Verse One: Fresh Prince Here it is the groove […]

The Rain – Will Smith

[Chorus: Jill Scott] The little rain drops fallin’ down on me But I can’t seem to feel it, feel it […]

Lost & Found – Will Smith

Original – a first form from which varities arise An authentic work of art as opposed to an imitation, or […]

Candy – Will Smith

Excuse me Miss, can we chat for a second I’d ask how you doin’, but you fine I reckon Wait, […]