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Going My Way – Will Young

In time gone by, I lost my will To try and find a clear way through Now, it’s been a while Since I asked myself what to do It’s been a while since I played the fool Cos they said “raise your game, leave the shame in this place where you will remain unless you […]

From Now On – Will Young

Hey, hey I don’t understand What’s the plan Why I’m standing here today All I’ve ever known is A fear to be grown up And take the blame It was not too clear ‘Cause this is new to me Was it plain to see? No time for insecurity It’s never coming back to me, oh […]

Lovestruck – Will Young

Blue dusky waters that caught us that night SWIMMING around and around like a merry go RIDE You know I still get that sentimental feeling Cool neon sky asking all kinds of questions As the moon nods his head and the stars wink an eye You know I still get that sentimental feeling I’m spinning […]

Madness – Will Young

Now the message is clear, Mmmmmm, Mmmm: Everything I’m looking for But I ain’t gonna find it in here, in here All this time I’ve waited for a saviour For somebody who cares, who cares I don’t need, I don’t need, I don’t need to evolve I just need some control Ooh ee baby, I […]