Category: WILLA FORD

Tender – Willa Ford

You see, its not you Its just..well, I’ve been in love before And I’ve had my heart broken I can’t go through that again, ya know? If I let you in my world, completely Would you let me..down, And break my heart? Cause sometimes love, can come and go And I dont want to, cry […]

Haunted Heart – Willa Ford

Ooh Ooh The candle Pictures of you The things I, I plan to do to You won’t see until I’m done My potion has just begun I know you feel obsessed with me You’re wanting more, you’re needing me In sleep, you dream and think of us And when you wake you’re still in love […]

I Wanna Be Bad – Willa Ford

I wanna be bad, baby I, I, I, I, I wanna be bad with ya, baby Do you Understand what I need From you Just let me be the girl To show you, you Everything that you can be Is everything that I can be (I Wanna be) My Turn Let me let you know […]