Category: WILLA FORD

Wish – Willa Ford

It’s 4 a. m. Looked up at the clock Started dreamin’ of you again All the time You act so blind I know you see a girl in heat Feelin’ me, Readin’ me But damn You such a nice hottie Well then Bobbie I got ploy, how ’bout a boy toy She doesn’t need to […]

Prince Charming – Willa Ford

He rides a great white horse, It’s not a greyhound bus He’s a gentleman, not a hip-hop thug See him in my dreams Hate when I wake up Still holdin on People think I’m nuts Bridge: But soon he’ll come and call for me And take me from reality Chorus: Prince Charming, can you rescue […]

Tired – Willa Ford

Here it is Manufactured is this hot pop industry I know cause they tried to do it to me Don’t let them take away your eyes Be who you are and stop the sweet talkin’ lies And you’re never gonna see me lip sync And you’re never gonna see me try to change Cause I’m […]

Tender – Willa Ford

You see, its not you Its just..well, I’ve been in love before And I’ve had my heart broken I can’t go through that again, ya know? If I let you in my world, completely Would you let me..down, And break my heart? Cause sometimes love, can come and go And I dont want to, cry […]

Haunted Heart – Willa Ford

Ooh Ooh The candle Pictures of you The things I, I plan to do to You won’t see until I’m done My potion has just begun I know you feel obsessed with me You’re wanting more, you’re needing me In sleep, you dream and think of us And when you wake you’re still in love […]

I Wanna Be Bad – Willa Ford

I wanna be bad, baby I, I, I, I, I wanna be bad with ya, baby Do you Understand what I need From you Just let me be the girl To show you, you Everything that you can be Is everything that I can be (I Wanna be) My Turn Let me let you know […]