When I Was Young And Grandma Wasn’t Old – Willie Nelson

The sun is hot in the Texas sky Garden growin clothes out on the line Dusty road when a car goes by Story tellin of days long ago And the only place she’d ever been Singin softly This World Is Not My Home Memories take me back again When I was young and Grandma wasn’t […]

That’s All – Willie Nelson

And a promise to be near each time you call. And the only heart I own For you and you alone That’s all, That’s all I can only give you country Walks in springtime And a hand to hold when Leaves begin to fall; And a love whose burning light Will warm the winter’s night […]

Hesitation Blues – Willie Nelson

I need a new man, Lord I know I won’t mind. Tell me how long, dear, do I have to wait? Can I get you now, dear, must I hesitate? Well now, the eagle on the dollar says “In God we trust” You say you won’t obey me, you wanna see that dollar first How […]

Stardust – Willie Nelson

Such lonely nights Oh baby lonely nights Dreaming of a song The melody haunts my reverie And I am once again with you When our love was new, oh baby And each kiss an inspiration Now that baby you know was long ago Oh beside a garden wall When stars are bright You are in […]

Basin Street Blues – Willie Nelson

To the Mississippi We’ll take the boat to the land of dreams Steam down the river down to New Orleans The band’s there to meet us And old friends to greet us Where all the people always meet Heaven on earth they call it Basin Street Basin Street is the street Where the elite always […]

Georgia On My Mind – Willie Nelson

The whole day through Just an old sweet song Keeps Georgia on my mind I’m say Georgia Georgia A song of you Comes as sweet and clear As moonlight through the pines Other arms reach out to me Other eyes smile tenderly Still in peaceful dreams I see The road leads back to you I […]

Worry B Gone – Willie Nelson

I’m planning on feelin’ much better before too long Got a world of trouble, that I need to forget I’m on my way, but I ain’t there yet Give me just one more sip of that Worry B Gone Everywhere I look, trouble is all I see Can’t listen to the radio, I can’t stand […]

Corrine Corrina – Willie Nelson

I love Corrina, yes, tell the world I do I pray each night she loves me too (Corrine, Corrina, Corrine, Corrina, Corrine, Corrina) I love you so Oh little darling, now where you’ve been so long Yeh, little darling where you’ve been so long There’s been no loving since you’ve been gone (Corrine, Corrina, Corrine, […]

Gravedigger – Willie Nelson

Made his great grandchildren believe He could live to a 103 A hundred and three is forever when you’re just a little kid So, Cyrus Jones lived forever Gravedigger When you dig my grave Could you make it shallow So that I can feel the rain Gravedigger Muriel Stonewall 1903 to 1954 She lost both […]

Keep Me From Blowing Away – Willie Nelson

In a world where the sunshine Finds excuses for not hangin’ ’round I squandered emotions On the slightest of notions And the first easy loving I found But soon all the good times The gay times and play times Like colors run together and fade Oh Lord if you hear me Touch me and hold […]

Ain’t Nobody’s Business – Willie Nelson

Some folks will criticize me. So I’m gonna do just what I want to anyway, And don’t care if you all despise me. If I should take a notion To jump into the ocean, It ain’t nobody’s business if I do. If I go to church on Sunday And I shimmy down on Monday, It […]

Takin’ On Water – Willie Nelson

Just a wasted wish in the wishin’ well But you don’t know, I’ve been here before I’m just one too many miles from shore And I’m takin’ on water and I’m goin’ down Takin’ on water, that’s what I’m doin’ now Takin’ on water with only one way out I gotta get my heart to […]

Bring It On Down To My House – Willie Nelson

(Come on now, bring it on down to my house, boys….right) (Ho) Bring it on down to my house honey, there ain’t nobody home but me Bring it on down to my house honey, I need your company Tom cat sittin’ on the railroad track Well he hollered at the Mama cat, she answered back […]