Winter’s Seed – Epoch Of Unlight

Under The Darkened Sky
Lies A Greater Light
In The Moon-Turned Mind
Is A Force That Strives To Die
The Frozen Doom Comes-Feel The Dark Pull
A Breath Of Forever-Envelopes The Pale Skin
Release The Winter Seed
Into The Heart Of Creation
Endless Nights And Endless Cold
The Force On Which He Feeds
Into The Cold, Damp Earth
They Will All Fall
This Immortal Seed Now Calls Unto Thee
To Promise An End To Mortality
Releasing The Body From Mortal Constraints
Infusing The Will With Unknowable Strength
In The Dark Night, The New Winter’s Son
Now Comes To His Birthright, The Chosen One
A Cleansing Of (The) Earth, He Now Undertakes
To Rid This Planet Of Frail Human Waste
To Be One With The Night
The Weak All Will Die
His Quest Almost Complete
To Destroy The Weak
Vanquished For Eternity

Lyric Winter’s Seed – Epoch Of Unlight