Diamond Jack – Wishbone Ash

I could see that I was free. I had an ace of hearts, the dream of every man, And I could see my destiny. I can not justify the way I play, But only see them as they fall. The diamond Jack Black magical Lady Luck, Who will show me the way. When you have […]

You – Wishbone Ash

Were looking for somebody new. You Were looking for someone to help yourself to, In the sunset of your long, illustrious career. You The way you played so hard to get. You So funny to watch, but you did not forget What you were looking for – a star, And this was the best one […]

So Many Things To Say – Wishbone Ash

A million dollars You make me fight an army Win and get away I’ve got so many things to tell you I’ve got so many things to say You expect me to lay the crown Jewels at your feet Pour upon you gold and Silver too I’ve got so many things to tell you I’ve […]

Renegade – Wishbone Ash

People passing through my life, I let them slip away. Standing in the bright light, let the music play. Better in the spotlight you gotta turn my night to day. Lead me to the water you can’t make me drink. Dressed like a renegade, faster than you think. Can’t put down these feelings rising to […]

Number The Brave – Wishbone Ash

You meet your maker face to face. You know who cast the spell And turned his eye on you, Can’t lose sight of it, Never fading out, Fading out of view. Number the brave In your heart, Number the brave, For they died for you. Out of the free zone Into the night – There […]

Keeper Of The Light – Wishbone Ash

Casts the die of destiny. ItЎЇs a perfect life she gives to you, Not to lose so innocently. Leading the way, she rises above Unexpected adversity. I hear her calling, Keeper of the Light, The words of warning, thunder in the night. I hear her calling, guarding what is right. I see her waiting, Keeper […]

Witness To Wonder – Wishbone Ash

They are hand-in-hand, and walk in time. Lovers fall in love, and realize Love will always be their mystery. All the time in the world is theirs, Take it away, we wonЎЇt be stripped bare. Love, It is cold to me, as the heartbeat chills. It goes to encounter witness to wonder, Love. When lovers […]

Engine Overheat – Wishbone Ash

She’s always ready to step inside. I can’t wait, though, to get started, And her love is so bona fide. I’m in the mood for it, I’m in the mood for it, Your love, your love. Yeah, my serenity, her intentions – And we were rolling on down that road. She was tuned to, to […]

Mother Of Pearl – Wishbone Ash

Catches the light that’s in your eyes. She has desires, and has to get higher, Trying to love the whole world. Mother of pearl She’s a charity girl, Giving herself away To some body and soul. Paradise if you pay the price Inlaid with love she satisfies. She has to pray alone everyday, Lying in […]

Runaway – Wishbone Ash

‘Till I met a lady who brought me to my knees. The day I stop loving is the day that I die, But now I’m running from her game ’cause the lady is a lie. I’ve got a choice Run away or be torn to shreds. I’ve got a life and I want to live […]

Hard Times – Wishbone Ash

But kindness on its own don’t pay. “;You can figure you’re part of the cut-back”; Was all that he could say. Hard times, Well, they sure do hit, Hard times. Well, the dollar you got in your pocket Ain’t worth a dime when you got it – Hard times. It’s a messy situation Keeping the […]

My Guitar – Wishbone Ash

The kids all said that I was cool. Even said I could go far, just me and my guitar. I combed my hair in a big El quiff, Lots of grease to make it stiff, My pointed toes and my boot-lace tie – I’m going to catch your eye. Oh, oh, rock and roll – […]

Genevieve – Wishbone Ash

I went down to some backroom joint Where I spent the night before, Looking for the girl I love – She left and wrote her name on my door. She’s got a guilty conscience of her own – I’ve got to find out why she keeps running on, Why she keeps running on. Nobody gonna […]

Anger In Harmony – Wishbone Ash

When will you ever learn That’s what you said to me Bigger the head that turns, I say, maybe he’s happy So quick to fire, never a liar in honesty It’s hinged on a stranger thing Than friends or enemies From where comes the song I sing Anger in harmony Could he be in love […]

(In All My Dreams) You Rescue Me – Wishbone Ash

I lay broken and destroyed. When people on the earth have cut you down The sky’s the only place to hide. And as I floated in the moonlit night You arrived to take me home. I kissed your hand and I came back to life And all the wrong became all right. In all of […]

HomeTown – Wishbone Ash

Held many hands on short holidays, Made a lot of noise In the strangest places far away. Only for a day or two at a time, I’ve been moving with the wind On my side, That puts me free and easy in my hometown. I said I’d stay alive I guess I didn’t tell a […]

HomeTown – Wishbone Ash

Held many hands on short holidays, Made a lot of noise In the strangest places far away. Only for a day or two at a time, I’ve been moving with the wind On my side, That puts me free and easy in my hometown. I said I’d stay alive I guess I didn’t tell a […]

Lost Cause In Paradise – Wishbone Ash

Laughing loud and singing songs, Hoping for the best in life, Heading for a paradise. In the flash of an eye was born, What would grow to become a storm, When the fountain of youth was sprung, Lost and gone, everyone. In the man is the child alive, To know and feel how to survive, […]

Front Page News – Wishbone Ash

After all this time, Welcomed me home With my name in lights, Took me by the hand, Shook away my fear, Brought back the memory Of those earlier years. Everybody’s talkin’, front page news. Gotta help you get up And get rid of your blues. Cheatin’ the devil, or whatever you choose, Even if you’ve […]

Long Live The Night – Wishbone Ash

And I hear her calling But I disregard her Just keep on walking. My heart is burning She need to work it out Before she leaves her innocence behind. I want to be there by your side I want to see the morning sun rise. Don’t want to be left alone in the dark. Like […]

Some Conversation – Wishbone Ash

And walking to the sun. I’m changing this and that and things I’m done with everyone. I slip into the sea And turn my back on sand And diamonds that may be, or not. I’ll play the final hand. To check it all And throw it all away, But I would always wait for you. […]

Top Of The World – Wishbone Ash

And wondering why. Knowing that there but for fortune Go you and I. Temptation has turned you And twisted the knife. The world that we bought into Is no longer mine. Love lost, you pay the cost of a lonely way – This time you chose to go too far. How does it feel to […]

Master Of Disguise – Wishbone Ash

Mystery in your eyes, Travelling the backroads of your country. Well, you think you’ve got my number And then again, you wonder Will you ever get to find the real me. Things are not always As they first may seem It’s like living in a dream. So you’d like me to reveal All that I […]

Love Is Blue – Wishbone Ash

Calling me back to you. I’m at a loose end still And I don’t know what I’m going to do. I walk the streets Hoping to find something to take you off my mind. Little girl You make me feel this way Well, I’m trying hard to forget you But I know that it only […]

Hold On – Wishbone Ash

Picked up the phone and I called the operator – She said a lady left a name and a number. Hey, operator, don’t you think you could connect me? I’ve been waiting for so long for her to call me. Hold on, I’ll try to put you through, Just hold on, I’ll try it again […]

Sing Out The Song – Wishbone Ash

Glass filled with beer Nothing to lose, only good times to gain A friend to help along When the words wouldn’t come Sing out the song brother Sing it loud and clear Then we’ll laugh together Like the old days (so dear) The rusty guitar Its sound filled the air Out of tune choruses That […]

Streets Of Shame – Wishbone Ash

Where the women in cages play any kind of game. That’s when I saw her, and I looked into her eyes – I don’t speak the language, but I sure see the merchandise. Oh, what could I say? I was hot for you. When you walk that way, what’s a man supposed to do? Tell […]

New Rising Star – Wishbone Ash

Now something’s spoken through its virtues The night of black is rolling back at long last The wheel of fate turns to your fortune New rising star, sinister symphony New rising sun shines on in sympathy Skin deep-so cheap, this thing called beauty Beholder, railroader, cold shoulder Identity is more than you find in the […]

Wings Of Desire – Wishbone Ash

like a silent movie, But your colours came through tonight You really threw me. Wings of desire will carry us to where we want to be. Wings of desire will keep us flying for eternity. I’m riding on a wave of love too blue to lose me. I just can’t get enough You really knew […]

Haunting Me – Wishbone Ash

Come tell me ’bout your life. Got so much to talk about, Yeah, we could stay out all night. Long time ago we were lovers Like no one ever knew. Long time ago Your face was falling out of view. Haunting me I used to say that you were haunting me. Haunting me You know […]