Time & Space – Wishbone Ash

But nuclear bombs are something I can’t trust. Heaven’s stars look so peaceful, But men are still fighting men all […]

Come On – Wishbone Ash

All day long I’m walkin’, ’cause I can’t get my car started. Laid off from my job, and I can’t […]

Loaded – Wishbone Ash

I got a fix for your despair I said, hey, Mama, hey, I got connections everywhere. Anything you want, I […]

Cell Of Fame – Wishbone Ash

Dancing Can you see her? Che Guavara Marching beside her Valentino Loving every minute? Don’t you see them looking Looking […]

Another Time – Wishbone Ash

You never told me you’d be there. Nothing was said, but it was understood. I never doubted that you’d care. […]

Mystery Man – Wishbone Ash

I’ve been to places that took my mind away from me. Your aiming questions opens the wound that just won’t […]

Heart Beat – Wishbone Ash

To give her everything? People change, she goes away, And you’re left with nothing. You’ve been together for so long, […]

On Your Own – Wishbone Ash

Cliff face, granite grain, Black stone, shining gem – Don’t want to fall in no Devil’s Den. You’re thrown a […]

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