Category: WITCHERY

Purgatory – Witchery

This ain’t no nightmare, it’s the afterlife unblessed The winds of the winds of redemption, blow hard of the plains Hells burning landscape, lays vast, in flames Engulfed in reeking pain, repent The bottomless pit of hells domain A swarming mass of bodies slain I feel the flames so near I welcome the pain that […]

I Wanna Be Somebody – Witchery

You say you don’t want to run and hide A face that no one knows And everyone you meet You’re going to show You’re nobody’s slave Nobody’s chains are holding you You hold your fist up high And pride too Oh, you’ve just go to be Up high where the Whole world is watching you […]

The Graveyard – Witchery

Hiding ourselves from the light Open this casket to feed the beast A sacrifice done in the night Howling wolves at a brightful moon A shadow flys across the sky Whispering voices chants a eerie tune “Hurry up and dig” you fool A ressurection in the dead of night The secret earthing of the dead […]

Neon Knights – Witchery

Oh no, here it comes again can’t remember when we came so close to love before Hold on, good things never last nothing’s in the past, it always seems to come again again and again and again Cry out to legions of the brave time again to save us from the jackals of the street […]