Performer WITCHERY

The Howling – Witchery

The sound is faint but clear Noone wonders – all of us know why People have dissapeared The townsmen gather […]

Fast As A Shark – Witchery

Fog in the streets A church clock beats Midnight – darkness all around You better beware You better take care […]

Raining – Witchery

Lies a house, where evil roams free The rooms are silent, but you better beware A thousand souls have perrished […]

Purgatory – Witchery

This ain’t no nightmare, it’s the afterlife unblessed The winds of the winds of redemption, blow hard of the plains […]

The Graveyard – Witchery

Hiding ourselves from the light Open this casket to feed the beast A sacrifice done in the night Howling wolves […]

Neon Knights – Witchery

Oh no, here it comes again can’t remember when we came so close to love before Hold on, good things […]