Forgotten Sunrise – Withered Earth

By the last Caress of light I wander threw shattered Horizons Far below the scorched land Whilst a new dawn overcomes Engulfing the fainted stars (THE ASTRAL DREAD) As twilight unfurled its lament To those of the wailing cosmos Castaway from mourning ordained Vast oceans in dominant spoil (RETRIBUTION) He destined his peoples tragedy At […]

Eternity Bleeds The Silence – Withered Earth

You slumber beneath murky skies, it breathes the hour of our birth My Grimlord speakth threw me the spirit in pure, is the fruit of immortality from whence the flesh we conquer, My Grimlord speakth through me High hangs the scarlet moon, for that which roams by night, your essence stirs them from thy morbid […]