On My Level – Wiz Khalifa

It’s the champagne pourin’ Big joint rollin’ Bombay sippin’ No blunt smoking Bad bitch gettin’ Thick and she got some […]

No Sleep – Wiz Khalifa

last night i let the party get the best of me waking up in the morning: two hoes laying next […]

Be Easy – Wiz Khalifa

Be easy [echo] Be easy [echo] Or it’ll be a long day [Wiz Khalifa:] Hold on, let me light my […]

Get Your Shit – Wiz Khalifa

I’m tired of arguing and fighting girl Every night you keep calling me with the same shit I’m going insane […]

Buss Down – Wiz Khalifa

Yeuhh, or should I say, yeahhh Shout out my n*gga Sledrine, Fab-Five, my n*gga Arty You already know man, keepin’ […]