Knowing Me, Knowing You – Wondermints

silence ever after Walking through an empty house tears in my eyes This is where the story ends, this is goodbye. Knowing me, knowing you there is nothing we can do knowing me, knowing you We just have to face it, this time we’re through Breakin’ up is never easy, I know but I have […]

Puppet Grrls R Go – Wondermints

She doesn’t love, she doesn’t hate, She doesn’t even have a heart for you to break And she can think, who ever knew? So much for thinking all her thoughts just come from you Li’l Ms. Puppet Grrl of candy and plaster Little puppet girl: it’s those strings they’re after Is she a doll, is […]

So You Are A Star – Wondermints

Nobody knows you like I do And you will go far-okay Nobody knows you like I do. You’ve got to love only me You’ve got to feel only me ‘Cause nobody knows you, nobody shows you the way Like I do. So you are a star, they say Nobody knows you like I do And […]

Global Village Idiot – Wondermints

Got a letter – maybe better that I get a piece of you instead. All the chatter doesn’t matter when you realize it wasn’t read. Can’t be nothing when it’s something that will get attention anyhow, Like a doggy in the window with his head a-going up and down. Sister Suzie with an Uzi that […]

Ooh Child – Wondermints

Ooh child things’ll get brighter Ooh child things are gonna get easier Ooh child things’ll get brighter Someday yeah, we’ll put it together and we’ll get it undone Someday when we hit it much lighter Someday yeah, we’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun Someday when the world is much brighter Ooh child […]

Sting O’ Luv – Wondermints

The sting o’ luv, how deep it was, so precious and so rare How can this be just do for me what I can do myself? The sting o’ luv, I’ve had enough but not enough to share I’ll pay the price for a bit of spice like a millionaire But I never told not […]

In And Around Greg Lake – Wondermints

Fire on fire on high Every little thing you say Seems to melt me away I don’t know how Every single word you write Comes emulsion by night What can I do? Been around for such a long time What can I say? You’ve been right about the wrong time Heckle or Jeckle on Hyde […]

Time – Wondermints

Time, I see you wasting all this time, But it’s not mine. It’s your dime. Time, I see you running on the line And it’s not right to fear the light. And all the things you said, you understood well. The past is gone And there’s no welcome in your eyes. Time, I feel you […]

Guess I’m Dumb – Wondermints

I’m not on top like I used to be Like you’ve been when I know I should be strong I stuck in then even though I know it’s wrong, know it’s wrong I guess I’m dumb but I don’t care And breaking off wasn’t hard to do But I couldn’t stay away from you I […]

Barbarella – Wondermints

should be: “;Though you give a cold shoulder”; The rest reads fine, although I thought the band was “;Bob Glitter and the Glitterhouse Five”;? And chance you remember the lyrics to the end song? I can not recall the first line and its driving me nuts”; (something) is sorrow, The devil is hate. A dream […]

Telemetry – Wondermints

Feel the alpine glow Open a path through the air It’s charted out the canyons in me However empty they might be I still go on Spanning far and wide away from my world I send my message Hoping that you’re somewhere out there And I won’t receive telemetry till you’re here Trace a ray […]

Spoke Of A Wheel Whirled – Wondermints

Eye can see the things to be Here, a sound, a window far And now you’ll Feel… You (and me), me (and you), and we (of the universe) Feel… You (can see), I (can see), it (can be worse) Feel… It’s (a dream) so (it seems) easy (like it’s real) And it’s all like a […]