Wanderlust – Wondermints

Say all the things you say, words get in the way They don’t start to explain, nothing is more strange […]

Dreamachine – Wondermints

The dream is over there you’ve heard somebody say You won’t believe it till you feel it’s a part of […]

Arnaldo Said – Wondermints

Arnaldo said he’ll get you when you’re dead Killer tattoo ain’t gonna save you Arnaldo said believe what you’ve been […]

Skyman – Wondermints

Where do you come from? Where are you going to, skyman? As I was walking down one night, Me and […]

My Friend Jack – Wondermints

My friend Jack eats sugarlumps Sugarman hasn’t got a care He’s been traveling everywhere Been on a voyage across the […]

Cellophane – Wondermints

Once upon a time Sunshine kept you wide awake Now that you’re blind Hindsight, technicolor fade Roll over, is it […]

Tracy Hide – Wondermints

Who is the girl by the railway station lost-and-found? Her warm coat, eiderdown. Her eyes are cloaked in auburn combed […]

Ooh Child – Wondermints

Ooh child things’ll get brighter Ooh child things are gonna get easier Ooh child things’ll get brighter Someday yeah, we’ll […]

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