Worst Enemy – Deicide

Try to turn the world around, lord’s direction has you down
Adolescent intellect, fearful of this crucifix
Is the bliss of what you gain worth a lifetime here in pain?
Every day is nothing new, another bible verse for you
Couldn’t deal what life has dealt, it’s always blaming someone else

Fool yourself, you think he cares
Contradiction, it is there
Wither from the inside out
Destiny with god in doubt
On the cross he died for sin
Look around, what did he win?
Preach your hell and you will see
You are your worst enemy

The lord is dead, jesus, where have you gone?
Retreat to greed, indeed, you are his son
Prepare for death, confess, is it pretend?
Killing yourselves for god, he is your friend?

All you life a testament, walking ornament of him
Is forgiveness what you need, give in to hymn too easily
Indecision you behold, live in torment as you’re told
Sanctify this will of god by everything you’ve ever done
Will you ever know defeat, blinded by the agony
Never sure of what you feel, the world you live in is not real

Fool yourself, you think he cares
Contradiction it is there
Wither from the inside out

Lyric Worst Enemy – Deicide