Performer WU TANG-CLAN

Bells Of War – Wu-Tang Clan

Yeah, yo Give me the cue Skip the introduction, prosate the lip function The junction get rushed by some grimy […]

Clan In Da Front – Wu-Tang Clan

Up from the 36 Chambers… Heheh.. it’s the Ghost..*Face*..*Killahh* Hehheheh Wu-Tang Wu-Tang Killa Beez, we on a swarm Wu-Tang Killa […]

Visionz – Wu-Tang Clan

Apocalypse Now Mind over matter next batter be Tical Put it on a platter how much uncut raw shit we […]

The City – Wu-Tang Clan

That’s black? Whattup God? Aiyyo Shorty got beef with that nigga? Word? *blam, blam blam* Oh shit!!! Yo! Hold the […]

Duck Season – Wu-Tang Clan

Scrape y’all motherfuckers This is my word, when you see us When you see us flashing and shining And building […]

The M. G. M. – Wu-Tang Clan

[Ghost] Sike! Six niggaz walked in flashing they gems peace [Rae] Aight! One dark skinned nigga fifty-six inch rope wrapped […]

S. O. S. – Wu-Tang Clan

Shoot em On Sight Sight Sight [overlaps INS talking] [Inspectah Deck] Another mission, Street Life, gun talk, Sir I Don’t […]

Iron Flag – Wu-Tang Clan

Murder one of y’all niggaz.. Get to hurtin one of y’all niggaz.. Bitches, snatch the shirt off one of y’all […]

Execute Them – Wu-Tang Clan

*Street Life sample played in the background* “;Slang bang to wax, torture pack, pump it to max Till your heart […]

Bastards – Wu-Tang Clan

Verse one: Check it, these cold days got me in a physical rage Walking through the dark path in this […]

Babies – Wu-Tang Clan

Light is shinin.. beauty sunshine Here comes one-time.. the ball was so fine Heat is blazin.. the kids were playin […]

Intro – Wu-Tang Clan

Yo, yo one two one two, yo live in effect We got the king Ruler Zig-Zag-Zag Allah Commonly known to […]

Tearz – Wu-Tang Clan

After laughter, comes tears Verse One: The RZA Yo check yo yo, check the script Me and the gods get […]