Performer WU TANG-CLAN

The Legacy – Wu-Tang Clan

[Timbo King] The Legacy, get your minds ready, get your rhymes ready And held a breath of life, resurrect the […]

The Closing – Wu-Tang Clan

Yeah, yeah I see everything I see everything YouknowhatI’msayin? It’s like when we come through You better have your fuckin […]

The Glock – Wu-Tang Clan

[U-God] Yo, yo [clears throat] Yo – GOOD THING WE BROUGHT THE GLOCK It’s a block party, niggaz just bust […]

Dog Shit – Wu-Tang Clan

[Ol Dirty Bastard] All y’all bitches put your naps together And all you niggaz put your dicks together, bitch (Ol […]

Rules – Wu-Tang Clan

All you hoes, be cryin for these bitches All you niggaz, be cryin for these hoes [scratched samples] “;Both hands […]

Never Again – Wu-Tang Clan

Intro: Feel this To all those races, colors, and creeds, every man bleeds for the countless victims and all their […]

Method Man – Wu-Tang Clan

Yeahhh, torture motherfucker what? [Torture nigga what?] What? I’ll fuckin I’ll fuckin tie you to a fuckin bedpost with your […]

Bells Of War – Wu-Tang Clan

Yeah, yo Give me the cue Skip the introduction, prosate the lip function The junction get rushed by some grimy […]

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