It’s Never Easy To Say Goodbye – Wynonna Judd

It sure looks big in his little eyes His mama waits as her tears kick up the dust It’s never easy to say goodbye Julie Ray in her pearl white wedding gown Has found her wings and it’s time to fly It’s all her dad can do to keep from breakin? down It’s never easy […]

We Can’t Unmake Love – Wynonna Judd

And swore death would be the only thing to keep us apart But we’re fighting just like soldiers on a field of battle now And the life we made together is our only common ground She’s got your eyes, my nose and our hearts (Chorus) We can’t unmake love And just erase all the years […]

Who Am I Tryin’ To Fool – Wynonna Judd

I can live this life without you But you know it’s just a lie You know it’s just my pride I can tell myself I’m broken down One too many times But then I start to cry Don’t want to live this life without you (Chorus) Who am I tryin’ to fool Why must I […]

Don’t You Throw That Mojo On Me – Wynonna Judd

Go out on the town Expect to keep me waitin’ With that law you’re layin’ down That ain’t right Tonight I’m breaking free Ain’t gonna work no more Don’t you throw that mojo on me You got some magic I’ll give you that It just ain’t worth it I ain’t going back No more Under […]

Free Bird – Wynonna Judd

Would you still remember me For I must be traveling on now Theres to many places I got to see ***chorus*** And if I stay here with you boy Things just couldn’t be the same Cause I’m as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change and this bird you cannot change […]

Don’t Look Back – Wynonna Judd

YouЎЇve run out of things to say Everything ends up the same old story You donЎЇt know where love went But nothing’s making sense You both know you canЎЇt fake it anymore DonЎЇt look back heЎЇll see you cryinЎЇ DonЎЇt look back on love thatЎЇs dyinЎЇ Make believe your heart is made of stone DonЎЇt […]

When I Reach The Place I’m Goin’ – Wynonna Judd

And I will turn and look inside me And bid farewell to one more day Every light begins with darkness Every flower is once a seed And with the sun and wind to test us We are bound to be released I will fly beyond this valley I will open up the gate And when […]

I’ve Got Your Love – Wynonna Judd

And wished on every star that fell Trying to find a heart of gold You’ve even called the psychic line But all of that’s a waste of time I know what your future holds If you want a love that never ends Take my hand and let forever begin (Chorus) I’ve got your love Don’t […]

Tuff Enuff – Wynonna Judd

Ain’t no doubt about it baby, it’s you I aim to please I’d wrestle with a lion and a grizzly bear It’s my life baby, but I don’t care (Chorus) Ain’t that tuff enuff Ain’t that tuff enuff Ain’t that tuff enuff Ain’t that tuff enuff For you baby, I would swim the sea Nothin’ […]

Father Sun – Wynonna Judd

Is it not temptation makes you kiss and makes you tell? There’s a traveller on the airwaves and he’s pleading for my heart Light up all the candles, I’m still in the dark Hurry operator, get redemption on the line Pull back the curtains, I think I recognize those eyes If love is so criminal, […]

When Love Starts Talkin’ – Wynonna Judd

I thought I knew what it was all about Then love started talkin’ Your love started talkin’ I had my mind on the open road I thought I knew where I wanted to go Then love started talkin’ Your love started talkin’ (Chorus) When love starts talkin’ You got no choice But to shut up […]

No One Else On Earth – Wynonna Judd

I never let them down When it comes to love, I keep my senses I don’t get kicked around I shivered once you broke into my soul The damage is done now I’m out of control How did you get to me? (Chorus) No one else on earth could ever hurt me Break my heart […]

Heaven Help My Heart – Wynonna Judd

What once was forever is now a faded memory The perfect illusion For a while I guess it was Without explanation The bloom fell off the rose (Chorus) Heaven help my heart ‘Cause it’s a lot like me I’m wonderin’ when this all will end And I’ll find the love I need I know it’s […]

What It Takes – Wynonna Judd

To no particular destination I wanna talk When I got the inclination I wanna move When I got the locomotion I’m gonna do just what it takes To keep this smile on my face I wanna drive my car Wherever they’re driving faster I wanna sail the ship As long as I can be the […]

That Was Yesterday – Wynonna Judd

But I canЎЇt even cry So, donЎЇt you give me no sweet talk You done told your last lie I was your puppet Just a dancinЎЇ, dancinЎЇ on a string But when the sun went down last night, Lord, it changed everything Today I feel different Ў®Cause now I can see That you care more […]

Help Me – Wynonna Judd

I think I’m falling in love again When I get that crazy feeling I know I’m in trouble again I’m in trouble ‘Cause you’re a rambler And a gambler And a sweet-talking ladies’ man And you love your lovin’ But not like you love your freedom Help me I think I’m falling In love too […]

Old Enough To Know Better – Wynonna Judd

KnowinЎЇ where youЎЇre cominЎЇ from I canЎЇt bring myself to go Heaven help me I canЎЇt say no I see forever in you deep blue eyes And I know where the danger lies Tell me whatЎЇs a girl to do When sheЎЇs up against the likes of you IЎЇm old enough to know better But […]