X-treme Measures – Destruction

Before you know your life will be torn
Your future is over before it began
You can’t twist your fate you better run!

X-treme – we have the tendency to suffer –
It makes our life fuckin’ tougher
Why aren’t we able to satisfy your needs –
You call it progress – I call it creed – x-treme

X-treme; X-treme
X-treme words – have nothin’ to say
X-treme life – only pain will stay
X-treme fear – a part of the puppet show
X-treme measures – how far to go

X-treme evolution brings us sorrow
We’re movin’ to fast for a better tomorrow
The pressure to high we can’t keep the pace
Our mercenary eats our own fuckin’ race.

Our children get trained only the strong will survive,
Don’t really wonder if they rip each other with a knife

Status symbols, trendy look and designer clothes,
The jealousy of those who can’t afford it, it grows

With pressure we design a second class childhood

Lyric X-treme Measures – Destruction