Performer XENTRIX

No Compromise – Xentrix

That’s just a fucking lousy lie. If they don’t like it, it doesn’t do well, We’ll give them something else […]

Pure Thought – Xentrix

Reflect on what you say. Connected indirectly, Perfect in every way. Aware of every movement. Commit to memory. Not easy […]

Shadows Of A Doubt – Xentrix

After the curtain falls, Breeds a fear deep inside That runs through us all. Selfish curiosity, Self-made reasoning. Is it […]

The Order Of Chaos – Xentrix

Someone always shouting the silence is deafening Nobody loves you, nobody hates you Fact or fiction or just contradiction There […]

Heaven Cent – Xentrix

When you tell your lies. Corrupting innocent children, Through your thin disguise. You use their ignorance To try and gain […]

No More Time – Xentrix

Tomorrow we will suffer for the way that we have been Its our own lives we’re shortening While everyone pretends […]

Bad Blood – Xentrix

Tearing at each other all the time. A need for aggression, a way of expression. Where is the reason for […]

Release – Xentrix

Your not the man I want to be Stale mate time it was over All the while destroying each other […]

Dark Enemy – Xentrix

Destruction, malignancy. Intense pain, ripping through my veins, Try so hard but this enemy remains. Demonic passion, you can’t dismiss, […]

Come Tomorrow – Xentrix

All thats gone before needed nothing more Only you to say Never thinking only doing for myself Always in your […]

Balance Of Power – Xentrix

They plot your destiny. You stand and watch your only son, Deprived of dignity. Contempt and hatred all you feel, […]