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Bad Blood – Xentrix

Tearing at each other all the time. A need for aggression, a way of expression. Where is the reason for the crime? Bonded by hatred, sentenced to endless toil and strife. Waiting for the time, to take away your life. A fist full of fury, no judge and no jury, There is a time and […]

Release – Xentrix

Your not the man I want to be Stale mate time it was over All the while destroying each other One thing I’d like you to know I want my own life so let me go All the years obeying the rules Your game of life is played by fools Just let me go, just […]

A Friend To You – Xentrix

Look at myself I hear your words, anticipate I am your wealth The one who tells you when & when not to conform The one you cannot see I am to you The friend you’ll never know Each phase of life A new scenario I think your thoughts, I see your dreams I speak the […]

Back In The Real World – Xentrix

But you don’t try. Your bullshit makes us sick, We just laugh until we cry. We’ve heard it all before, And we don’t care. Don’t talk to me no more, Life just ain’t fair. Now that you’ve patronised us, humiliated us, Please go away. I hope you’re satisfied, come back, Say I told you so […]

Dark Enemy – Xentrix

Destruction, malignancy. Intense pain, ripping through my veins, Try so hard but this enemy remains. Demonic passion, you can’t dismiss, Bleak depression, you reminisce. Enforce the grip, on your life, Try to remove it, with a knife. Face your dark enemy. Face your dark enemy. Infestation, you can;t see, Realisation is yet to be. Infection, […]

Come Tomorrow – Xentrix

All thats gone before needed nothing more Only you to say Never thinking only doing for myself Always in your debt now I feel regret I knew no other way Thinking now its all too late for tears No more can be done Never see the sun Never see the day Never see the day […]

Balance Of Power – Xentrix

They plot your destiny. You stand and watch your only son, Deprived of dignity. Contempt and hatred all you feel, Devoted loyalty. A wound you know will never heal. Doubting integrity. You sent him out to pay the price. Did what you thought was best. You sent him out to be a man. Almost laid […]