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Love’s A Funny Thing – Xscape

Shoop be doop Shoop be doop doop dah Shoop be doop Love’s a funny thing Verse One: (Tamika): Was only last night I felt you slip away, I tried so hard to hide the pain inside of me babe. I held you close but you weren’t with me, I felt your mind a thousand miles […]

Your Eyes – Xscape

You’re not in control when there’s demands put on your heart. You don’t even know, cause when it’s real you fall too hard. And yet even so, you try to play like nothing’s wrong, No you can’t run away, there is no hiding place, Cause you can’t run from your heart. Chorus: Your eyes they […]

All I Need – Xscape

Can’t ya see Your love is all I need Without you I’m nothing so please don’t ever leave vs 1 (Tiny) Baby I think you should take the time alone to sort out your feelings and be sure you’re not going wrong, no You see I know you hear many things that make you cry […]

Work Me Slow – Xscape

Play me some music, and pour me some wine. I’m in the mood now, I got love on my mind. I want you to know, that I like it real slow. And whenever your ready, you can slide off my clothes. And touch my body, anywhere, I’m yours tonight, Make it right, Baby just take […]

What Can I Do? – Xscape

My man done left me on a midnight train, He said he wasn’t thinking of ever coming back again. He told me he wanted me to find somebody else, He done left me here all by myself. Tell me… Chorus: What can I do? What, I’m still in love with you. Tell me what can […]

Who Can I Run To? – Xscape

(LaTocha): As I stand here contemplating, On the right thing to decide. Will I take the wrong direction, All my life, where will I go, What lies ahead of me? (Tamika): I have strong determination, And I’m not afraid of change. I have yet to find that someone, Who would care to satisfy me, To […]