Performer XSCAPE

Understanding – Xscape

What I need from you is understanding, How can we communicate, If you don’t hear what I say. What I […]

All About Me – Xscape

I wanna see which posse can dance the best, It should be easy ’cause the beat is fresh. (Repeat x2) […]

I Will – Xscape

Verse One (Kandi): You were the first to take my heart, Make me happy, at the same time make me […]

Hold On – Xscape

I can make any man do whatever it takes, Yet I hesitate, sit ’em down or wine and dine and […]

Let Me Know – Xscape

I got something for you, And I think you’re sexy, And if you want me let me know. You ain’t […]

Feels So Good – Xscape

Yo, it’s Xscape, For the nine-five, And you know how they do, So lay back, kick it, and let’s get […]

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