Performer XSCAPE

Do You Know? – Xscape

Tocha, Kandi, Tiny, Tamika. You know the flava. Do you know what you do to me? (repeat x4) Chorus: When […]

Am I Dreamin’ – Xscape

Are you for real? Verse One: (Ol’ Skool): Things are kind of hazy, And my head’s all cloudy inside. Now […]

Love On My Mind – Xscape

Boy, I can’t wait to get you alone, Inside my house. ‘Cause baby it’s you and only you, That I […]

Can’t Hang – Xscape

Intro by JD: Let’s get down Let’s get down Verse One (Kandi): You claim you’ve been waiting, With no game, […]

With You – Xscape

I wanna spend my whole life with you, There’s nothing else better than being with you. I wanna spend my […]

The Runaround – Xscape

But you been creepin’ and you’re sleepin’, baby. Verse One (LaTocha): It’s Friday night and I’ve been freakin’ out, 900 […]

Tonight – Xscape

Come a little bit closer and look into my eyes, If only for a moment, boy don’t be surprised. I […]

My Little Secret – Xscape

See baby you’re my little secret, If you don’t tell, I won’t tell, And that’s how we gotta keep it. […]

Pumpin’ – Xscape

You gotta keep it pumpin’. (x4) Verse One (Tamika): I went out looking for a good place, But everywhere I […]

Understanding – Xscape

What I need from you is understanding, How can we communicate, If you don’t hear what I say. What I […]

All About Me – Xscape

I wanna see which posse can dance the best, It should be easy ’cause the beat is fresh. (Repeat x2) […]

I Will – Xscape

Verse One (Kandi): You were the first to take my heart, Make me happy, at the same time make me […]

Hold On – Xscape

I can make any man do whatever it takes, Yet I hesitate, sit ’em down or wine and dine and […]

Let Me Know – Xscape

I got something for you, And I think you’re sexy, And if you want me let me know. You ain’t […]

Feels So Good – Xscape

Yo, it’s Xscape, For the nine-five, And you know how they do, So lay back, kick it, and let’s get […]

Your Eyes – Xscape

You’re not in control when there’s demands put on your heart. You don’t even know, cause when it’s real you […]

All I Need – Xscape

Can’t ya see Your love is all I need Without you I’m nothing so please don’t ever leave vs 1 […]

Work Me Slow – Xscape

Play me some music, and pour me some wine. I’m in the mood now, I got love on my mind. […]

What Can I Do? – Xscape

My man done left me on a midnight train, He said he wasn’t thinking of ever coming back again. He […]

Who Can I Run To? – Xscape

(LaTocha): As I stand here contemplating, On the right thing to decide. Will I take the wrong direction, All my […]