Performer XTC

Boarded Up – XTC

Yeah, we’re boarded up Nailed up shut Yeah, we’re boarded up Music venue has had its day Death watch beetle […]

Beating Of Hearts – XTC

Every morning from your bed A-coming from the farthest hillside A-coming from inside your head You have heard You have […]

Neon Shuffle – XTC

You’re standing there and wondering how You’ve got to make some noise Just like one of the girls Or even […]

Harvest Festival – XTC

See the peaches in tins ‘neath the headmaster’s chair Harvest festival See the two who’ve been chosen See them walk […]

Wake Up! – XTC

Then you stagger down to meet the dawn You take a ride upon a bus, it’s just a fuss You […]

That Wave – XTC

Pulled me into your eyes Through the greeney grey pebbles And countless cathedrals arriving That wave Lift me into your […]

This Is Pop? – XTC

Drinking sodas as cold as frost Someone leans in my direction Quizzing on my juke-box selection What do you call […]

Wonderland – XTC

Love and affection When it’s put In you direction Wrapped in your mysterious wonderland No fast car Can make you […]

Sacrificial Bonfire – XTC

So evil must die And yields are good So men pull back hoods and smile The scapegoat blood spilled Spittled […]

My Weapon – XTC

I dunno wot she got I dunno what she got but it seems to have a grip upon me No […]

Mermaid Smiled – XTC

From caves of memory I saw the children at heart That we once used to be Borne on foaming seahorse […]

Runaways – XTC

Oh run-a, oh run-a, oh runaways, (Please come home) Oh run-a, oh run-a, oh runaways (Please come home) Daddy hit […]

Wrapped In Grey – XTC

Concrete daubed in dull monotone Your heart is the big box of paints And others, the canvas we’re dealt Your […]

Rook – XTC

Who murders who and where is the treasure hid? Crow, Crow Spill all you know Is that my name on […]

Me And The Wind – XTC

Me and the wind are pulling kites and pushing tress Me and the wind are celebrating your loss Me and […]

The Ugly Underneath – XTC

It’s so warm that you could bake by it Designed to take attention from their Ugly Underneath Then there’s the […]

English Roundabout – XTC

People rushing round with no time to spare. I’m so dizzy, I’m neither here nor there. In this traffic jam, […]

One Of The Millions – XTC

But I’m afraid it’ll come out wrong. I’m not akin to the Eighties thing, Where you look after number one. […]

My Bird Performs – XTC

Fine art never moved my soul No vintage wine designer clothes But my world shakes for me My bird sings […]

Big Day – XTC

So you want to tie the knot Tie it tight, don’t let it rot, the memory of this day Are […]

Dear God – XTC

Hope you got the letter, And I pray you can make it better down here. I don’t mean a big […]

Outside World – XTC

So she can’t hear what’s going on No she can’t hear what’s going on In the outside world In the […]

Funk Pop A Roll – XTC

Oozing like napalm from the speakers and grill Of your radio Into the mouths of babes And across the backs […]

Fruit Nut – XTC

Ah you’ve got to have a hobby A man must have a shed to keep him sane Spraying my buds, […]

Fly On The Wall – XTC

I am the fly on the wall, My prying eyes are looking through your bottom drawer. I just came flying […]

Ball And Chain – XTC

Save us from the ball and chain, Save us from the ball and chain, Save us from the ball and […]

Snowman – XTC

It isn’t even winter and I’m freezing, freezing, This sort of feeling isn’t pleasing, And what I want to know, […]

Greenman – XTC

He wants to make you his bride Please to bend down for the one called the Greenman Forever to him […]

I Can’t Own Her – XTC

I own this river, I own this town All of its climbers and its wino’s sliding down But I can’t […]

Rocket From A Bottle – XTC

me and air are feeling light today jets should hide, I’ll fly alongside me and pride are bolted tight today […]

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