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Outside World – XTC

So she can’t hear what’s going on No she can’t hear what’s going on In the outside world In the outside world In the outside Bad black and white men Standing in their pigpen Selling guns to simpletons To shoot ’em in the abdomen And she’s not interested in that And she’s not interested in […]

Funk Pop A Roll – XTC

Oozing like napalm from the speakers and grill Of your radio Into the mouths of babes And across the backs of its willing slaves Funk pop a roll consumes you whole Gulping in your opium so copiously from a disco Everything you eat is waste But swallowing is easy when it has no taste They […]

Fruit Nut – XTC

Ah you’ve got to have a hobby A man must have a shed to keep him sane Spraying my buds, spraying my buds Got to keep away diseases I mix the poisons and the wife don’t complain Some people say That I am out of my tree Or just a strawberry fool Someday they’ll see […]

Fly On The Wall – XTC

I am the fly on the wall, My prying eyes are looking through your bottom drawer. I just came flying through your door, You didn’t notice that your number had been called. I see the mother who’s beating the babe, I see the money, The pennies you save, Stored on computers, From birth to the […]

Ball And Chain – XTC

Save us from the ball and chain, Save us from the ball and chain, Save us from the ball and chain, oh yeah, The diggers and the tower cranes, The diggers and the tower cranes. Don’t want demolition, Don’t want your compensation, It’s not just bricks and mortar, We are lambs to slaughter. Save us […]

You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful – XTC

I walk around the world to make sure she’s alright And every evening ‘fore I bolt the door I give the stars a stir to make sure they will spin all night For I see people who will scratch and spit and kick and fight And I see nations war about whether right is left […]

Snowman – XTC

It isn’t even winter and I’m freezing, freezing, This sort of feeling isn’t pleasing, And what I want to know, man, why, oh why, Does she treat me like a snowman? She’s been building me, Up quite steadily, Seems like I’ve been here years and years and years and years; I wait patiently, Froze in […]

Greenman – XTC

He wants to make you his bride Please to bend down for the one called the Greenman Forever to him you’re tied And you know for a million years he has been your lover He’ll be a million more And you know for a million years he has been your lover Down through the skin […]

The Mayor Of Simpleton – XTC

Never took a paper or a learned degree, And some of your friends think that’s stupid of me, But it’s nothing that I care about. Well I don’t know how to tell the weight of the sun, And of mathematics well I want none, And I may be the Mayor of Simpleton, But I know […]

Jason And The Argonauts – XTC

There may be no golden fleece, But human riches I’ll release Oh, my head is spinning like the world and it’s filled with beasts I’ve seen, Let me put my bag down and I’ll tell you it all right from the start, Like the scarlet woman who would pick on the boys she thought were […]

I Can’t Own Her – XTC

I own this river, I own this town All of its climbers and its wino’s sliding down But I can’t own her and I never will No I can’t own her and that’s a bitter pill Taken with rain ‘Til the gutter shines like the swirling sky Like the swirling sky I’ve got all morning, […]

I Bought Myself A Liarbird – XTC

He came with free drinks just to blur The lies falling out like rain On an average English summer’s afternoon I bought myself a new notebook Sharpened my guitar and went to look If this biz was just as bongo as the liarbird made out All he would say Is “I can make you famous” […]

Rocket From A Bottle – XTC

me and air are feeling light today jets should hide, I’ll fly alongside me and pride are bolted tight today I’ve been set off by a pretty little girl I’m like a rocket from a bottle shot free I’ve been just explosive since you lit me I’ve been up with the larks I’ve been shooting […]

Knights In Shining Karma – XTC

Tend your flame And with love for armor They’ll remain Ever by your bed Guarding, still sleeping Shield your soul from this rain Knights in shining karma will remain Jealous winter sun… Cold as vichysoisse Steals your smile for fuel They’ll ignite with braziers Of warming stars Knights in shining karma Wash your feet And […]

Love On A Farmboy’s Wages – XTC

High stands the corn And tonight when my work is done We will borrow your father’s carriage We will drink and prepare for marriage Soon my darling, soon my darling Chorus: Shilling for the fellow who brings the sheep in Shilling for the fellow who milks the herd Shilling for the fellow with a wife […]

Playground – XTC

slide down drunken on the other side Some sweet girl, playing my wife, runs off with a boy whose bike she’ll ride Playground (it’s a playground) Marked by the masters and bruised by the bullies in the Playground (it’s a playground) Never stop rehearsing, rehearsing for the big square world Bells will ring, door flings […]

It’s Nearly Africa – XTC

Chant your spirit free; Rush to greet truth like a dart Shake your bag o’bones, Shake your bag o’bones. That’s not traffic roar, That’s a leopard in your heart, Shake your bag o’bones, Shake your bag o’bones. Go tell your stale friends, go tell false prophets, And drug traffickers, Not to try to push our […]

Leisure – XTC

Leisure They taught me how to work, But they can’t teach me how to shirk correctly. As you see, Science once again robs us of our jobs. They’ve put a micro-chip in my place, I hide behind screen of aggression nowadays, It’s just a way of saving some face. So now I’m permanently drunk, Like […]

All You Pretty Girls – XTC

If I should die at sea, boys Write a little note, boys Set it off afloat, saying Bless you, bless you, all of you pretty girls Village and city girls by the quayside Bless you, bless you, all of you pretty girls Watching and waiting by the sea Bless you, bless you, all of you […]

Great Fire – XTC

You supplied the spark Fores burning spreading through the ark Animals are panicking I’m animal and panicking Your glance a match on the tinderwood You never spoke but I understood Bring water Eyes bring water Chorus: Great fire burning through Great fire burning through my house Great fire burning through my house and heart Great […]

War Dance – XTC

Stirring passions in young hearts Even the old campaigners Have got it really bad Well we ain’t seen nothing like it Since coronation day But when the street parties sound I’m going underground To keep the rabid hounds at bay Oh my my — this war dance A patriotic romance No we ain’t seen nothing […]

Complicated Game – XTC

I ask myself should I put my finger to the right, no I say it really doesn’t matter where I put my finger Someone else will come along and move it And it’s always been the same It’s just a complicated game A little girl asked me should she part her hair upon the left, […]

Standing In For Joe – XTC

Joe called round to ask me, Would I do a favor? While he’s gonna be out of town He says his girl needs company, she gets so restless Would I keep her safe and sound? Softly, softly in the night Why, you can guess the rest… Now these shoes fit all too well Standing in […]

Crocodile – XTC

No you won’t make me jealous That she left me for him Scene one standing Crushed on landing You may have walked out But I’ll swallow up my fate Scene two sitting Man in kitchen Bit cold and lifeless like The burger on my plate But there’s one emotion I’m afraid of Hear him scratching […]

When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty – XTC

When you’re near me I have difficulty concentrating When you’re near me I have difficulty standing upright When you’re near me I have difficulty sleeping at night I used to stand proud like a sphinx In a noble immovable state Then your heart nailed me under a jinx Now I’m feeling like a jellyfish Just […]