Performer XTC

No Thugs In Our House – XTC

The insect-headed worker-wife will hang her waspies on the line; The husband burns his paper, sucks his pipe while studying […]

My Brown Guitar – XTC

You want some lovely, I got some lovely In my head, in my head Where the lions wear the right […]

I’d Like That – XTC

I’d like that if we could ride into the rain No macs, getting wet I’d be your Albert if you’d […]

Omnibus – XTC

We can ride and find a friend unfound Put your foot upon the laughing gas And drive your grin around […]

Ballet For A Rainy Day – XTC

Raincoats roll and tumble Together, just liked fruit tipped from a tray Pineapple wet heads Watch new hairdos crumble As […]

Generals And Majors – XTC

they’re never too far from battlefields so glorious out in a world of their own They’ll never come down till […]

The Disappointed – XTC

All shuffle round in circles Their placards look the same With a picture and a name Of the ones who […]

King For A Day – XTC

putting tongues where they didn’t ought to be. On stepping stones of human hearts and souls, Into the land of […]

Real By Reel – XTC

Unknowing we mime, we play for the ministry The can film you in bed Or when you take a bath […]

Respectable Street – XTC

it’s in the way their curtains open and close it’s in the look they give you down their nose all […]

Across This Antheap – XTC

Nurses, queens and drones. Wish they’d leave my head tonight, Let me rest my bones. (Ziggedy zig zag just look […]

In Another Life – XTC

If I seduced ya, in your Mills and Boons Well, I’ll be the master if you’ll be the mate But […]

Knuckle Down – XTC

Knuckle down, Love his skin, It doesn’t matter what colour skin he’s locked in, Knuckle down, Knuckle down and love […]

Reign Of Blows – XTC

Reign of blows Reign of blows cascading down upon your shoulders Far too many men dressed up as soldiers The […]

This World Over – XTC

Ah well, next one begins Will you smile like any mother As you bathe your brand new twins? Will you […]

Easter Theatre – XTC

Chocolate nipple brown Tumble from your arms Like the ground your breasts swell Land awake from sleep Hares will kick […]

1000 Umbrellas – XTC

Upturned couldn’t catch all the rain That drained out of my head When you said we were Over and over […]

Church Of Women – XTC

Church of women is made out of milk which their love turns to butter – er – er Church of […]

Hold Me My Daddy – XTC

I never felt lower than dirt on the floor. I say hold me my daddy, I never felt like crying […]

Beatown – XTC

I spoke to your boss this morning He asked why you weren’t home? I said sir they left without warning […]

Melt The Guns – XTC

Programmes of violence, As entertainment, Brings the disease into your room. We know the germ, Which is man-made in metal, […]

Merely A Man – XTC

I’m a king, yes, I’m a head of state. But I’m the kitchen boy who’ll wash your dirty plate. I […]

Stupidly Happy – XTC

Everything’s fine I’m stupidly happy My heart pumping wine I’m stupidly happy With idiot grin I’m stupidly happy You won’t […]

Scissor Man – XTC

Putting end to evil doers games. Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the scissor man, Maybe you are in his book of […]

Cynical Days – XTC

The world’s grown older, Sometimes I heave a sigh, People grow colder. Every day I do my best to show, […]

Millions – XTC

We saw your toys and your pencils looking bright So bright and yet they come from oh so far away […]

Towers Of London – XTC

when they had built you did you watch over the men who fell Towers of London when they had built […]

River Of Orchids – XTC

I heard the dandelions roar in Piccadilly Circus I heard the dandelions roar in Piccadilly Circus Take a packet of […]

Books Are Burning – XTC

In the main square, and I saw there The first eating the text Books are burning In the still air […]

Miniature Sun – XTC

All daylight hours, I’ll warm your bed, I’ll grow your flowers. Like I’m a miniature sun. This ball ignited when […]

Your Dictionary – XTC

Is that how you spell love in your dictionary K-I-C-K Pronounced as kind F-U-C-K Is that how you spell friend […]

Scarecrow People – XTC

In one of our new straw aeroplanes, You’ll find things here are just like what you’re used to. There’s lots […]

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