Performer XZIBIT

U Know – Xzibit

Most niggaz get it confused right? huh They think it’s all chronic and palm trees out this muh’fucka Bitches and […]

Harder – Xzibit

Ah, I don’t wanna hear shit Get off ya motherfucking ass It’s right now, right now, right here And we […]

Mutha – Xzibit

You Know It Could Happen It Don’t Happen Till It Happen When It Happen You Gonna Wish It Never Did […]

Pussy Pop – Xzibit

It’s the meth in the house! ha, yeah, break it down. [xzibit] When it’s all said in done, we gon’ […]

Inside Job – Xzibit

Mr. x to the z (who am i?) M-m-m-mr. x (who am i?) X to the to-the-to-the z M-m-m-m-mr. x-x-x […]

My Life, My World – Xzibit

Yeah. I pledge allegiance to the un-united streets of Los Angeles Check this shit out, yeah yeah…Come on, Ha! You […]

Front 2 Back – Xzibit

Oh no, let’s get drunk and fuck fo’ sho’ Please stop runnin yo’ mouth let’s go Actin like you’ve never […]

3 Card Molly – Xzibit

What, yeah, yeah Black John McClane, Harold the Menace, and the Waterproof with my nigga Bud’da, on the track Golden […]

Enemies & Friends – Xzibit

Of the Alkaholik family, yo Rule Number One Always be aware of your surroundings And peep all exits Stay and […]

Just Maintain – Xzibit

I look you in the grill And i laugh inside Niggas always perpetratin Like they down to ride But please […]

The Gambler – Xzibit

[Xzibit] Yeah.. welcome.. yeah.. huh.. there’s plenty of room for everybody man.. yeah.. bangin.. come on.. yeah.. look.. [Xzibit] Huh, […]

Los Angeles Times – Xzibit

Return all seat backs, and tray tables To their most upright, and long position Also at this time please take […]

BK To LA – Xzibit

Yeah! AOWWW, AOWWW! C’mon! Yeah, yeahhh (yeah) yeahhh, yeahhh M. O. P.! Uhh (X to the Z) Yeah baby, that’s […]

Handle Your Business – Xzibit

Yeah, uh, what, worldwide Yeah, im forever, ever lastin, spread the wealth Procrastination like masturbation, your fuckin yourself So we […]

My Name – Xzibit

[Eminem] This ain’t beef man I don’t know what the fuck to call it But no beef Whattup X? I […]

Loud & Clear – Xzibit

Yeah.. Addicted to life, had to pay a heavy-ass price Sacrifice worth waitin on the platinum and ice I’m precise […]

Break Yourself – Xzibit

Last but not least we off the leash The Art of War reach for your masterpiece Feel the release from […]

Let It Rain – Xzibit

Judge: “alright, your charged with public intoxication, Alright listen” Convict:”there’s a thousand people out who’re drunk” Judge: “okay, i understand […]

Lax – Xzibit

It’s so frustratin’, so many hatin’ Somebody gon’ make me break the law But I ain’t waitin’, there’s no escapin’ […]

Release Date – Xzibit

[Xzibit] Been here four years, eleven months and twenty-nine hot ones One more day and I’m a free man walkin […]

Deeper – Xzibit

Yeah so it all comes down to this (what?) Specialist with a hit list Right fist bomb type m. g. […]

Rimz & Tirez – Xzibit

Take a chance, come dance with a cowboy Playin stopped playin long time ago with childish toys It’s only men […]

Chamber Music – Xzibit

The official representative, LAC This is phrophecy manifested by X to the Z Victory, strike a B-Boy stance in khaki […]

Missin’ U – Xzibit

This for you (uh) there ain’t one day that go by where I don’t think about you (yeah) This for […]

Carry The Weight – Xzibit

I really wish i could you know at twenty-one Youknowhati’msayin’,he he, yo yo [i’ma tell you exactly why i do […]

X – Xzibit

Broadcastin live to you and yours It’s mr. x to the z, xzibit Yeah, bouncin, c’mon The first day of […]

Enemies – Xzibit

[Chorus: repeat 2X] Sometimes I’m my own worst ENEMY With friends like y’all, the fuck needs ENEMIES? I beat, I […]

Plastic Surgery – Xzibit

Arabian voice:doctor, doctor, i need help doctor Nurse:sit down and wait your turn Xzibit: sit your ass down Saafir: You […]

Paparazzi – Xzibit

1996, the disfunctional member of the alkohaliks family It’s xzibit, bring it live, one time, like this Verse one Sometimes […]

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