Category: YAZ

Don’t Go – Yaz

i turned around when i heard the sound of footsteps on the floor love just like addiction now i’m hooked on you i need some time to get it right your love gonna see me through chorus can’t stop now don’t you know i ain’t never gonna let you go don’t go baby make your […]

Good Times – Yaz

i’ll never belong i want to get there so bad but it’s taking so long sometimes i feel like letting go but when it comes right down to it, baby who wants to know? (no-one) (chorus) and i find (for a good time) i’m knocking for a good time (for a good time) now i […]

Nobody’s Diary – Yaz

i know i’ll forget what i came here for, my head was so full of things to say, but as i open my lips all my words slip away and anyway, i can’t believe you want to turn the page, and move your life onto another stage, you can change the chapter you can change […]

Ode To Boy – Yaz

he turns and laughter flickers in his eyes intent and direct when he speaks, i watch his lips and when he drives i love to watch his hand white and smooth almost feminine, almost american, i have to watch him. (chorus) in his face age descends on youth, exaggeration on the truth he caught me […]