Performer YAZ

Sweet Thing – Yaz

i give in sweet thing i give in (submission) (don’t you want to right it, fight it) oh, no, if […]

Anyone – Yaz

said to much while he stayed and left too soon. bright on an evening sea, he washed in with the […]

Happy People – Yaz

there’s a thousand other faces with the very same name and we look like each other, and we all live […]

Goodbye Seventies – Yaz

to your headache to the shape of the 1980’s i’m glad that we don’t hear you any more i’m tired […]

Softly Over – Yaz

silent comes the night time, end another summers day i can just remember, or is this the dream that never […]

Bad Connection – Yaz

i’ll ring you in the morning but the phone’s been cut can you hear me i’ve been calling all day […]

Only You – Yaz

can you hear me came back only yesterday i’m moving further away want you near me chorus all i needed […]

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