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Bad Connection – Yaz

i’ll ring you in the morning but the phone’s been cut can you hear me i’ve been calling all day can you hear me the radio reporter said the line’s all dead he told me that i oughta write a letter instead can you hear i’ve been calling all day can you hear me chorus […]

Only You – Yaz

can you hear me came back only yesterday i’m moving further away want you near me chorus all i needed was the love you gave all i needed for another day and all i ever knew only you sometimes when i think of her name when it’s only a game and i need you listen […]

Bring You’re Love Down (Didn’t I) – Yaz

that you have the strength to go now i won’t stand in your way i’d be standing there all day ain’t that something we both know now you play your games but the fact remains i’m the only one that can hold your reins chorus didn’t i bring your love down didn’t i bring your […]

Don’t Go – Yaz

i turned around when i heard the sound of footsteps on the floor love just like addiction now i’m hooked on you i need some time to get it right your love gonna see me through chorus can’t stop now don’t you know i ain’t never gonna let you go don’t go baby make your […]

Good Times – Yaz

i’ll never belong i want to get there so bad but it’s taking so long sometimes i feel like letting go but when it comes right down to it, baby who wants to know? (no-one) (chorus) and i find (for a good time) i’m knocking for a good time (for a good time) now i […]

Nobody’s Diary – Yaz

i know i’ll forget what i came here for, my head was so full of things to say, but as i open my lips all my words slip away and anyway, i can’t believe you want to turn the page, and move your life onto another stage, you can change the chapter you can change […]

Ode To Boy – Yaz

he turns and laughter flickers in his eyes intent and direct when he speaks, i watch his lips and when he drives i love to watch his hand white and smooth almost feminine, almost american, i have to watch him. (chorus) in his face age descends on youth, exaggeration on the truth he caught me […]