Performer YELLO

Night Flanger – Yello

The sun is still around The street seems to be busy I hear the traffic sounds Last night’s been lousy […]

Blender – Yello

I have the great honor and pleasure to present to you Turnex The son of Durex, the blender for the […]

Pumping Velvet – Yello

Putz karam sheoba kitsch daboum Waiting for the lady in the red balloon Putz dada sheoba sleik dabich Looking for […]

I…I’m In Love – Yello

I learned your lesson: don’t play it smart You came close, I played it tough You went away, I’m in […]

La Habanera – Yello

The night before the revolution Carlos Romero Pambo plays the symphony For latin piano Popping corks and blasting bullets La […]

Lost Again – Yello

Take me for one day Please don’t ask any questions You know I can stay I wish the wind was […]

How How – Yello

My baby is gone, there’s heavy mental stress I never knew love but I know it now, I wanna give […]

Tied Up – Yello

Tied Up, Tied Up Tied Up, Tied Up… Gulemo Dilemma Gulemo Dilemma Tie me up, the city heat Bring the […]

Desire – Yello

Blowing the moon away Lights me up for One more day The streets are naked In the morning sun The […]

Do It – Yello

No lookin’ around ‘Cause I’m a fool and a half Blessed and beaten by love I walk in the direction […]

I Love You – Yello

To ride in your car I know it’s dangerous You’re going too far I’m always with you Wherever you go […]

Swing – Yello

Could catch it all night long And when I’m riding on that wing And just for you I’m in the […]

The Rhythm Divine – Yello

Have kept me awake The longer you’re gone I’ll hunger and shake From Warsaw to Rome I’ll wait out of […]

Koladi-ola – Yello

Koladi-Ola I’m gonna making You wanna shake me People sitting out of my mind Koladi-Ola I’m going down Everything’s around […]

Smile On You – Yello

Rosita Delicious, Sandy Hooker No money You Telly, Lilly And you Willy Think I’m just another fool Spilky Skuller, Spencer […]

The Race – Yello

Count on me I’m gonna win The Race Count on me I’m gonna win The Race Room-dah-bee-boom the whippering dong […]

Jungle Bill – Yello

The sun is a hell of a light But nobody’s blue is brighter Than the blue in my baby tonight […]

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