Performer YES

Real Love – Yes

Get the fire, as the flame it burns, Get the wind as it slowly turns. Get the earth as it […]

Angkor Wat – Yes

the moon became the morning sun, And there again reflected on the dreams of everyone. Out of the starlight night […]

Walls – Yes

Don’t you know it’s my way out To be on my own. When I feel like crying out I do […]

I Get Up, I Get Down – Yes

In her white lace, you could clearly see the lady sadly looking. Saying that she’d take the blame For the […]

Harold Land – Yes

Harold Land with a wave of his hand said goodbye to all that. He paid his bills and stopped the […]

It Can Happen – Yes

You can cheat until you’re blind You can cut your heart It can happen You can mend the wires You […]

Saving My Heart – Yes

In the street where we live there’s a place called desire. There’s a stone-cold intrusion of mad man’s fire, But […]

Shock To The System – Yes

Shock to the system, But you’re going back inside of the light. Shock to the freedom, Only one more body […]

Leave It – Yes

No illusions as we take Refuge in young man’s pleasure Breaking down the dreams we make Real One donw one […]

Sweet Dreams – Yes

Sweet dreams can solve the future, Sweet dreams provide the past. Sweet things within your makeup; These things will always […]

Into The Storm – Yes

Like something I can really do without Need a hand to hold onto Help me understand What’s the point of […]

Hold On – Yes

Justice to the right Speak when you are spoken to Don’t pretend you’re right This life’s not for living It’s […]

Sweetness – Yes

She brings the sunshine to a rainy afternoon; She puts the sweetness in, stirs it with a spoon. She watches […]

Beyond And Before – Yes

Sparkling trees of silver foam cast shadows in winter home, Swaying branches breaking sound, lonely forest trembling ground. Masquerading leaves […]

Give And Take – Yes

This is a right total opposition I believe in you can’t you hear me it doesn’t change how we hurt […]

The Calling – Yes

Feel the calling of a miracle In the presence of the word. Now we hold the right to rearrange How […]

The Prophet – Yes

Long ago a tall man told a tale of yesterday, Searching for the truth to life and not for just […]

State Of Play – Yes

You can hear the siren screaming, Take me to the promised land; See the intervention Take you higher and higher. […]

Life On A Film Set – Yes

That drift across the sand Are just the tendrels of a vast But gentle plant which they command The headdress […]

We Can Fly – Yes

The old prop-shaft airliners stand Altimeters reading zero Formless memories lingering Nights are cold on this airfield I sit alone […]

Holding On – Yes

See the searching… See the people… Out in the darkness I’m soul searching; Did you find what we had lost? […]

Survival – Yes

Sunshine is creeping in And somewhere in a field a life begins. An egg too proud to rape The beginning […]

Yours Is No Disgrace – Yes

Yesterday a morning came, a smile upon your face. Caesar’s palace, morning glory, silly human race, On a sailing ship […]

Then – Yes

And in a time that’s closer, life will be even bolder then. Souls will be complicated, life will be consummated […]

A Venture – Yes

Once a peaceful man laid his old head down by a river, Thought about his childhood life, his father and […]

Agree To Agree – Yes

Don’t imagine any way, so any fool can take away the drugs and the pressure Asking for the level where […]

Perpetual Change – Yes

I see the cold mist in the night And watch the hills roll out of sight. I watch in ev’ry […]

Our Song – Yes

Along the good king’s highway My fortification took me by surprise And hit me sending me sideways Spellbound – Roundly […]

Hour Of Need – Yes

Can’t believe just what can interfere Remember what has been achieved Keep tryin’ it’s the hour of need What’s the […]

Seasons Of Man – Yes

The time between the notes relates the color to the scenes. A constant vogue of triumphs dislocate man, it seems. […]

City Of Love – Yes

Once bitten twice shy No – No regrets at all Justice – Body smooth take over Good girls they work […]

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