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Roundabout – Yes

the words will make you out ‘n’ out you change the day your way call it morning driving thru the sound and in and out the valley The music dance and sing they make the children really ring I spend the day your way call it morning driving thru the sound and in and out […]

Your Move – Yes

I’ve seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I’m on my way. I’ve seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I’m on my way. Take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life. Make the white queen run so fast she hasn’t got time […]

The More We Live – Let Go – Yes

You and I can change the world; The more we live, the more we learn, the more we know. >From this moment on we share the world; The more we give, the more we love, the more we grow. The spirit of imagination can lead us through the dark; The more we see, the more […]

Be The One I: The One – Yes

Never underestimate the loving How we intertwine our very soul How we fill eachother’s spaces to lose control When you’re talking be the children Who stand on solid ground Never underestimate the giving that will bring you around I’ll be there, to bring you this love in the morning I’ll be there, to bring you […]

Lift Me Up – Yes

Look around – Got no place to stay. God I hate this town, depending on the day. You lift me up, you lift me down – Alright, OK. While I got no life, I got no hope; I’m falling in love. Help me through the fight; Help me with tonight – I’m calling. What to […]

Cord Of Life – Yes

A man conceived a moment’s answers to the dream, Staying the flowers daily, sensing all the themes. As a foundation left to create the spiral aim, A movement regained and regarded both the same, All complete in the sight of seeds of life with you. Changed only for a sight of sound, the space agreed. […]

That, That Is V: All In – Yes

All in all the wisdom call, you shall be young, you shall be free Watching for the signals that some easily Take it as a point of love, a reference place to where you are Every step a step to set you free All for the sake and the calling of light Ask as you […]

Yesterday And Today – Yes

Why is there you when there are few people around making me feel good? Why is there me when air is free, some I can see better than I should? There’s only us simply because thinking of us makes us both happy. I think of you ev’ry way, yesterday and today. I think of things […]

Where Will You Be – Yes

Where will you be when you’re not here. How many lives in this earth time. You are my soul and this you are. Two sould intertwined, That’s what we are. We can, we walk, hand in hand, All the life, Be the one, everything to me; You, I am dreaming. We have lived and known […]

Heart Of The Sunrise – Yes

Lose one on to the Heart of the Sunrise SHARP-DISTANCE How can the wind with its arms all around me Lost on a wave and then after Dream on on to the Heart of the Sunrise SHARP-DISANCE How can the wind with so many around me lost in the city Lost in their eyes as […]

Disillusion – Yes

Loneliness is a pow’r that we possess to give or take away forever. All I know can be shown by your acceptance of the fact there shown before you. Take what I say in a diff’rent way and it’s easy to see that this is all confusion. As I see a new day in me, […]

Hearts – Yes

Set your heart sail on the river Look around you as you drift downstream Hearing Pouring souls into the ocean Talking Take account of all you’ve seen Love you One people – Together Freedom for today So easy the future So see the children’s way Love me Teach me Know me One people – Together […]

Life Seeker – Yes

Sister Bluebird flying high above, Shine your wings forward to the sun. Hide the myst’ries of life on your way. Though you’ve seen them, please don’t say a word. What you don’t know, I have never heard. Starship Trooper, go sailing on by, Catch my soul, catch the very night. Hide the moment from my […]

Miracle Of Life – Yes

Hold on to the miracle of life… Secret lives of oceans been washed away like mud. You don’t want my devotion; You’d rather be washed in blood. Can we turn away from this open anger? Counting all the prey Don’t you feel the danger to the miracle of life. Sing when open hearts are calling, […]

That, That Is Iv: That Is – Yes

That talk is just a worry and a worry in a man That life is just a worrying and getting in a mess That deal is just awakening his spirit to be giving him The pleasure of the giving things within That word is in it, that talk is in it This day is of […]

South Side Of The Sky – Yes

the sunshine in mountains sometimes lost around the south side so cold that we cried were we ever colder on that day a million miles away it seemed from all of eternity Move forward was my friends only cry in deeper to somewhere we could lie and rest for the day with cold in the […]

I Am Waiting – Yes

Am I waking to this magic Am I seeing, all is human, Human after all… I wanna be inside your heart Are you ready I wanna love forever Are you thinking I wanna be inside your heart What I’m thinking I wanna know you’re with me. Highways, starways, many ways To be open tonight. High […]

Time And A Word – Yes

In the morning when you rise, Do you open up your eyes, see what I see? Do you see the same things ev’ry day? Do you think of a way to start the day Getting things in proportion? Spread the news and help the world go ’round. Have you heard of a time that will […]

The Solid Time Of Change – Yes

A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace, And rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace, And achieve it all with music that came quickly from afar, Then taste the fruit of man recorded losing all against the hour. And assessing points to nowhere, leading ev’ry single one. A dewdrop […]

Looking Around – Yes

Looking around me, There’s not so much in life I miss. Things that I can’t see, I’ll touch and I’ll feel then I’ll kiss. Then I saw you standing there With a smile I couldn’t share, Just looking around ev’rywhere. All the things I’ve wanted to do Take so much time to get around to […]

Madman At The Screens – Yes

In the evening By the water side Lonely eyes watch As the moon shines Down a silver tide Looking out from this position Are things what they seem? It’s been spreading out from One decision Into this bad dream Out on the shoreline (shoreline) Someone is waiting (waiting) The wind that was falling is rising […]