You Wanted More – Tonic

Love Is Bold
You Will ALways
Do What You Are Told

Love Is Hard
Love Is Strong
You Will Never Say That You Were Wrong
I Don’t Know When I Got Bitter
But Love Is Surely Better When It’s Gone

‘Cause You Wanted More
More Than I could Give
More than I could handle
In a life that I can’t live
You wanted more
More than I could bear
More than I could offer
For a love that isn’t there

Love is color
Love is loud
Love is never saying you’re too proud
Love is trusting
Love is honest
Love is not a hand to hold you down
I don’t know when I got bitter
But love is surely better when it’s gone

( ( CHORUS ) )

I got to pick me up when I am down
I got to get my feet back on the ground
I got to pick me up when I am down

( ( CHORUS ) )

Lyric You Wanted More – Tonic