Amazin’ – Young Jeezy

Can you please motha fuckin rise For the national motha fuckin trapstar anthem Let’s go [Chorus:] Cause bitch I’m amazin […]

Bang – Young Jeezy

[Chorus] Hit ’em up, peace up, A-town down Hit ’em up, peace up, A-town down Hit ’em up, peace up, […]

Welcome Back – Young Jeezy

Where You Been? Streets Been Missin You… Welcome Back [Young Jeezy:] Yeah… I Told you Niggas… (Welcome Back) I Told […]

Word Play – Young Jeezy

To play with my intelligence What u tryna say? What I’m sayins not relevant? I still represent Cause I’m a […]

3 A. M. – Young Jeezy

[Intro: Timbaland] Uh, ay, uh, ay, uh, ay, ay, ay [mumbling] Here we go, here we go Let’s get it […]

Takin’ It There – Young Jeezy

Clear… Yeah… Ahaha… Yeah it’s official Yeah… yeah yeah… Hey Ziggy I told them neggaz(oh Yah) They wouldn’t believe me […]

Showtime – Young Jeezy

Aye (young) [Chorus:] Pass me my mic, (yeah) Soundman get me right I hope you n***as ready cause it’s goin […]