Every Single Thing – Youngstown

I can’t understand how I took it for granted Your love when I had it meant the world to me But I never told you guess I thought it would show through Should have known you’d grow teary from me So before you leave give me a chance I’ll get down on my knees to […]

Angel – Youngstown

And I thank God, that you will always be right here with me Even though we’re apart, you know that you will always Have a place in my heart, And if you call out my name I’ll be right there, so you don’t have to cry alone Like an angel I’ll fly to you With […]

You Want What You Want – Youngstown

Too much of any thing can Bring you down Rather live in excess than to die and drown You better have a damn good soul for going in the ground As long as you can swim, as long as you can be Chorus: You want what you want when you want it You’ll do anything […]

Little Sister – Youngstown

Hey, little sister Did that boy make you cry, did he steal your heart away with a look in his eye Are you feeling like your world is over now Hey, little sister Everything will be alright, what you feel is gonna change all your tears will dry Time has a way of healing hearts […]