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Father Like Son – Yukmouth

Yes. My lil shortys gonna be a thug. Father like son, like son like dad. My family all into makin this cash. Shorty’s gonna be a thug. Like father, like son, like son, like dad. My family’s all into makin this cash. My lil, shortys gonna be a thug. Like father, like son, like son, […]

Ridaz – Yukmouth

Yes! (Uh!) Yes! Welcome! (Thug niggas throw yo turf in the air!) Smoke-A-Lot up in this bitch! (Throw yo hood in the air!) A-G-2 the Ke, DMG, yes! Let’s kick this anthem shit. Chorus *(Yukmouth)* All of my niggas Ridaz small time grindas, pimps and big timers whether it’s heron or hemp wit China I’m […]

Rolex Rulez – Yukmouth

Balla shit, nigga timer shit nigga (Regime shit baby) flossy shit, boi! (Smoke-A-Lot, Smoke-A-Lot) Rolex Rulez Check it, we rock big jew-els an shit, big karats an Baggets an shit. Mutha fuckas be starrin, niggas packin big thangs too nigga uh. Verse 1 I started off wit heata shit carry a nine millameter shit Rolex […]

Sacrifice My Life – Yukmouth

Dear Lord, why did you take my mama? There’s so much drama in my life, didn’t have to take my mama to make me right now the only time that I can see my mama is after life I give up everything to see my mama come back to life I even Sacrifice My Life […]

Gangsta B – Yukmouth

Give me a gangstress a bitch that don’t take no shit I need a gangsta bitch a bitch that’s armed and dangerous nigga…. I want a bitch that pack a gat up under her mini skirt a duce-duce up in her, Fendi purse dealin wit pleanty work shippin birds to any jerk get served on […]

Revelationz – Yukmouth

It is I that you see. Little boys an girls…. Revelationz. Listen. Why do the good die young, an the bad mutha fuckas live fo ever? Cuz nigga, we livin on hell nigga. This is hell mutha fuckas. Verse 1 Uh. All my life it’s like I’m fuckin around wit the wrong people make a […]

Ice Cream Man – Yukmouth

Listen, I bring to you. (chimes) Here ye, here ye! Attention all dope fiends, haha! this is a Smoke-A-Lot pre-sentation Check it! I bring to you…. the 5th Ward mutha fuckin Boyz! An Smoke-A-Lot himself! Chorus *(Fa Sho)* I am a dope fiend an (the ice cream factory) I need my drugs I bought ’em […]

Ballers Feud – Yukmouth

That’s the Ballers Feud A thug changes, and love changes That’s the Ballers Feud And best friends become strangers. Verse 1*(Yukmouth)* Survey says… You know some fake mutha fuckas I know some bustas too this fake mutha fucka been causin rukus in my crew since ’92 at first I thought he was cool like Dru […]

City Of Dope – Yukmouth

Uh, welcome! uh, little boys and girls Listen, I’m bout to lace yall motherfuckers about Oakland, the City of Dope The first place in the world to ever sell base rock nigga, crack rock, they put it there to get rid of the Panthers, but they really created this ballin what, what, nigga Verse 1: […]