In The End – Yusuf Islam

‘Cause whether you’re right or you’re wrong We’re gonna know what you’ve done We’re going to see where you belong – in the end You can’t bargain with the truth Whether you are black or you’re white We’re going to know who’s right We’re going to see you in the light – in the end […]

The Beloved – Yusuf Islam

Just like threaded pearls, Just like threaded pearls He left his self to flee to God And God sent him back to us He was born to be the beloved A will of the Divine He was born to be the beloved, He was born to guide He prayed all his nights alone And stars […]

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – Yusuf Islam

If sometimes I feel a little mad Don’t you know no one alive can Always be an angel When things go wrong I seem a little sad But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood You know sometimes, I’m so carefree With a joy that’s hard […]

One Day At A Time – Yusuf Islam

We can learn to leave the past behind One day at a time We can look the future in the eye One day at a time We can learn to live The gates of the garden are open Wide and trusting 70 thousand will enter Of them without reckoning One day at a time We […]

I Think I See The Light – Yusuf Islam

Until I found somebody, there was no one I preferred, My heart was made of stone, my eyes saw only misty grey, Until you came into my life girl, I saw everyone that way. Until I found the one I needed at my side, I think I would have been a sad man all my […]