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Promiscuity – Zoetrope

Slut you’re still the same but you work too hard to take no blame And we all know you’ll never change So why don’t you just play the game CHORUS: Don’t try to think up some excuse or try to recreate the truth Loser it’s your bad life story. Loser what are you gonna do […]

Detention – Zoetrope

You get reprimanded for bad behavior And you ain’t got no choice but to wait the time Meanwhile you contemplate the idea of escape CHORUS: Detention – detention – detention Well I can’t wait any longer You won’t receive any sympathy From those around you ‘cuz you’re in too deep So it’s up to you […]

Unbridled Energy – Zoetrope

Got nothing to say who will listen anyway It’s all the same to me so I’ll just shout and scream CHORUS: Unbridled energy pent up inside me (2x) If you don’t think that this makes any sense (Why do you) continue to abuse the people that’re your friends Gotta find your way to let it […]

Seeking Asylum – Zoetrope

You turn around you’re all alone Visions creep into your head You think about the life you’ve led You started out a small time hood Stealin’ cars your life is good Then night flights to the southeast bay You ice six men along the way CHORUS: Seeking asylum from the D. E. A. It’s a […]