Performer ZOETROPE

N. A. S. A. – Zoetrope

By the early morning light seven families in despair Watching their sons and daughters burning in the sky Remnants plunge […]

Pickpocket – Zoetrope

Those like me will rot in jail longer than their life will be CHORUS: My hand’s in your pocket I’m […]

Company Man – Zoetrope

By a lifestyle that ain’t worthwhile But you continue what you’re doing On the hot sheet at the right time […]

Prohibition – Zoetrope

The gangsters keep a watchful eye for the man in blue As a loaded semi pulls up to an empty […]

Promiscuity – Zoetrope

Slut you’re still the same but you work too hard to take no blame And we all know you’ll never […]

Detention – Zoetrope

You get reprimanded for bad behavior And you ain’t got no choice but to wait the time Meanwhile you contemplate […]

Seeking Asylum – Zoetrope

You turn around you’re all alone Visions creep into your head You think about the life you’ve led You started […]