Category: ZUBA

Pink Flamingos – Zuba

Theres nothing that I have you’d want to steal I hear my ex’s voice in my kids dirty little mouth If it wasnt for welfare id never go out to see my Chorus – Pink flamingos My pink flamingos 2) I like my life in this funky little town I hope a tornado wont blow […]

Floating Away – Zuba

Maybe for the answers for all the changes in my life Searching for a feeling And im trying to ride out the storms of my life Chorus – Love and soul, floating away Time, be a friend to me…help me through this day 2) Waking alone and empty But some would say I wished it […]

Speed Queen – Zuba

I like cheap clothes and boys that’ll never know When the wind blows, I smell El Porto So I keep cigarettes, down in my panty hose and I roll like thunder 2) Ive got a fairlane, I drive with my dog flame Hes got a red scarf and we sell cocaine I smoke mistys, and […]

South Of Eden – Zuba

I cant believe in this town i’m still here no lover in sight, the mirage disapppears Turn down the misic turn down the bed cause the drink I had this morning, went straight to my head, and I feel like a dream Chorus – Baby im a real steal Half price looking for a deal? […]