Category: ZUBA

Trippin’ – Zuba

Lonliness can turn to sorrow The window pulls my sight To the sky and see tomorrow, all the stars are spinning in my head 2) Saturn seems so far Surfing on the planet mars comets fill my eyes They shoot right by And leave their tales in my head, all my worries go away Chorus […]

Pink Flamingos – Zuba

Theres nothing that I have you’d want to steal I hear my ex’s voice in my kids dirty little mouth If it wasnt for welfare id never go out to see my Chorus – Pink flamingos My pink flamingos 2) I like my life in this funky little town I hope a tornado wont blow […]

Floating Away – Zuba

Maybe for the answers for all the changes in my life Searching for a feeling And im trying to ride out the storms of my life Chorus – Love and soul, floating away Time, be a friend to me…help me through this day 2) Waking alone and empty But some would say I wished it […]

Speed Queen – Zuba

I like cheap clothes and boys that’ll never know When the wind blows, I smell El Porto So I keep cigarettes, down in my panty hose and I roll like thunder 2) Ive got a fairlane, I drive with my dog flame Hes got a red scarf and we sell cocaine I smoke mistys, and […]

South Of Eden – Zuba

I cant believe in this town i’m still here no lover in sight, the mirage disapppears Turn down the misic turn down the bed cause the drink I had this morning, went straight to my head, and I feel like a dream Chorus – Baby im a real steal Half price looking for a deal? […]