Performer ZZ TOP

Zipper Job – ZZ Top

Body and soul just don’t agree There’s an answer, gotta go for a Tijuana tuck-n-roll He/she just got a zipper […]

Alley Gator – ZZ Top

I saw that girl that my swamp bone knew so well She crawled out of Texas and flipped off to […]

Pincushion – ZZ Top

She gave me acupuncture as her alibi Shook my soul, and stole my dough Left my condition down a deep […]

Delirious – ZZ Top

to see what just came in. They seemed a little bit mysterious, I think I’m gonna get delirious. DELIRIOUS DELIRIOUS […]

What It Is Kid – ZZ Top

Top dropped back and lookin fine Workin a brew backin up with scotch Lookin like Sir Lancelot What it is […]

World Of Swirl – ZZ Top

Looking for a shelter, doing double overtime I get a little crazy, but I won’t be denied Gotta find the […]

Dusted – ZZ Top

Keep something in your pocket knock you off your feet Rollin tight rollin slow roll it right I know you […]

Tell It – ZZ Top

I’m a little mixed up but it feels so fine. Why does love have to come and go, If it’s […]

Squank – ZZ Top

Album: ZZ Top’s First Album Titolo: Squank Woman, grab your children, run and hide. Don’t let it catch up with […]

Belt Buckle – ZZ Top

Swivelin’ hips Movin’ in some new blue jeans Shufflin’ sweet right with that beat She can really shake that thing […]

Old Man – ZZ Top

while he dreams a thousand yesterdays. ‘Cause he’s had so many come his way. All he cares about is somewhere […]

Bad Girl – ZZ Top

she can do it all night long, she’s a bad girl, she’s a bad girl. I know a girl that […]

Rough Boy – ZZ Top

I ain’t got a chance of one in three. Ain’t got no rap, ain’t got no line But if you’ll […]

Hi Fi Mama – ZZ Top

I want your hi fi mama, won’t you let me play it tonight I put the needle in the groove, […]

Fuzzbox Voodoo – ZZ Top

Grinding a pound or two Say I’m down, with a fuzzbox Pounding and a workin’ it through And because you’ve […]

Loaded – ZZ Top

Gonna have a good time Loaded Gonna have a good, good time Don’t you know that I wanna get loaded […]

It’s Only Love – ZZ Top

I’m gonna tell ya what it’s all about Sweet thang’s tryin’ to put me out She gone and found herself […]

Ninja Shack – ZZ Top

Chop it back with th’ edge of my hand The king is chung my axe have swung I’m gonna be […]

Piece – ZZ Top

I want a little piece I want a little piece of your love I’ve been here and I’ve been there […]

Crunchy – ZZ Top

Crunchy, crunchy I don’t know what that mean Crunchy I don’t know what that mean Crunchy Vimmegin whats that come […]

Master Of Sparks – ZZ Top

down from the county line. Just gettin’ right on Saturday night, ridin’ with some friends of mine. They invited me […]

Legs – ZZ Top

She never begs, she knows how to choose them. She’s holdin’ leg wonderin’ how to feel them. Would you get […]

Two Ways To Play – ZZ Top

It was somewhere I’ve already been Tellin all those lies But I’ve been there and you’ve been there and there […]

Sinpusher – ZZ Top

Fell by the wayside so to speak Quit my job i’m a lazy slob Never lift a finger ‘cept for […]

Jailhouse Rock – ZZ Top

Prison band was there and they began to wail. Kid is shakin’ and began to sing; You should’ve heard them […]

Pearl Necklace – ZZ Top

I didn’t give her what she likes. I don’t know what to tell her, Don’t know what to say. Everything […]

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