Performer ZZ TOP

Deal Goin’ Down – ZZ Top

There’s always just a mystery that locks you in a trance No matter what the future brings you’re booked, and […]

Doubleback – ZZ Top

I thought i knew the place so well. It wasn’t the same, now it goes to show, Sometime you never […]

Trippin’ – ZZ Top


Prettyhead – ZZ Top

A pin-headed ho won’t do Don’t send me no square without some beehive hair She got to have her rhythm […]

Have You Heard – ZZ Top

yeah yeah yeah? Well, then you could not be lost, yeah yeah yeah. Which way are you comin’ from, goin’ […]

Precious And Grace – ZZ Top

the landscape’s a fine and nat’ral sight. Just cruisin’ slow through the dark of night. With Precious and Grace ev’rything’s […]

Leila – ZZ Top

Made me feel better than I ever felt. But bless her heart, she couldn’t stay, I begged her not to […]

Certified Blues – ZZ Top

they sure been stalkin’ me ’round. So down tonight I couldn’t tie my shoes. They about to drop me in […]

Stages – ZZ Top

I ain’t got a single thing to do. It happened before I knew what was going on. I fell out […]

La Grange – ZZ Top

’bout that shack outside La Grange and you know what I’m talkin’ about. Just let me know if you wanna […]

Mexican Blackbird – ZZ Top

don’t spend all your money on just any honey that’s grown. Go find the Mexican blackbird and send all your […]

Black Fly – ZZ Top

Black fly flyin’ from town to town Black fly lookin’ around and around What’s he gonna do when he finds […]

Poke Chop Sandwich – ZZ Top

Hopkins’ drummer, spider, present in the studio.) Poke Better watch that Poke chop sandwich Waitin’ in th’ sack Ridin’ a […]

Planet Of Women – ZZ Top

There’s girls everywhere, i better go and check. check it out I can’t tell a diamond from a hole in […]

Heard It On The X – ZZ Top

back in nineteen sixty-six? Country Jesus, hillbilly blues, that’s where I learned my licks. Oh, from coast to coast and […]

Cherry Red – ZZ Top

Crazy things that I think she said Slides so slinky that it’s gotta be real she just wanna know how […]

Shiek – ZZ Top

who led me to the Congo. He dreamed to go to Mexico and sample a burrito. My temperature had risen […]

Lovething – ZZ Top

made me as weak as a lamb. Tastes so fine like french silk pie, sweet as strawberry jam. It could […]

Ten Dollar Man – ZZ Top

Comin’ ’round here after sunlight With your peaches and your Pream And your rollin’ magazine, Tellin’ me you’ll make me […]

Dust My Broom – ZZ Top

I believe I’ll dust my broom. I’m gonna get up in the morning I believe I’ll dust my broom. Well […]

Stackin’ Paper – ZZ Top

Cheers n wavers Gimme another million dollars, another million Stackin paper My money maker I’m ready and I’m willin To […]

Thunderbird – ZZ Top

Get high, everybody, get high. Get high, everybody, get high. Get high, everybody, get high. Have you heard? What’s the […]

My Mind Is Gone – ZZ Top

To remember just who I am One thing else I don’t enjoy is Forgetting her monogram She electrifies my physical […]

Rhythmeen – ZZ Top

Hunkin’ down Funkin’ up on Magazine On rhythmeen in New Orleans Drinkin’ Dixie 45 with hot links In a silver […]

Whiskey’n Mama – ZZ Top

Whiskey’n mama, you shouldn’t have said you wanted me to be your lover true, then turn around and treats me […]

Velcro Fly – ZZ Top

On your pants makes you wanna dance. I say yeah yeah, I say yeah yeah. There ain’t never a catch, […]

Chevrolet – ZZ Top

Album: Rio Grande Mud Titolo: Chevrolet In a flat Forty-One with my strat by the door we was goin’ to […]

El Diablo – ZZ Top

That happened not long ago ’bout the man with a tan: El diablo de Mexico? And this man played his […]

Bang Bang – ZZ Top

Pretty thing jumpin’ all around Shakin’ your money-maker now Take it off and take me down Bang, bang, shang-a-lang Bang, […]

TV Dinners – ZZ Top

TV dinners they really can’t be beat I like ’em frozen but you understand I throw ’em in and wave […]

Tube Snake Boogie – ZZ Top

She’s the one that really gets down. When she boogie, She do the tube snake boogie. Well now boogie little […]

I Got The Six – ZZ Top

I need something more substantial. New deck of playing cards, I don’t like to work this hard, I think I’ll […]

Brown Sugar – ZZ Top

My friends, they all told me, Man, there’s something gonna change your life. My friends, they all told me, Man, […]

It’s So Hard – ZZ Top

Cause your baby’s out there somewhere runnin’ round. Don’t start feeling blue and feeling lonely too, It’s hard I know […]

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