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El Diablo – ZZ Top

That happened not long ago ’bout the man with a tan: El diablo de Mexico? And this man played his hand And he lived by the luck of the draw; Now and then and again, Found him steppin’ outside of the law Hey, hey! And his fortune he had made let him live high on […]

Goin’ So Good – ZZ Top

And I was always thinkin’ it would never end Then the time came, to the end of the game Don’t you know? And just when the sky got shiny and bright There never seemed to be an end of the light But then the clouds came, it started to rain Don’t you know? Just when […]

Bang Bang – ZZ Top

Pretty thing jumpin’ all around Shakin’ your money-maker now Take it off and take me down Bang, bang, shang-a-lang Bang, bang, shang-a-lang Take it off She bang-bang my shang-a-lang She bang-bang my shang-a-lang Hey yeah Tear me up, baby, tear me down You got me movin’ upside down Feelin’ good, I’m feelin’ alright Do it […]

TV Dinners – ZZ Top

TV dinners they really can’t be beat I like ’em frozen but you understand I throw ’em in and wave ’em and I’m a brand new man oh yeah! TV dinners they’re goin’ to my head TV dinners my skin is turnin’ red Twenty year old turkey in a thirty year old tin I can’t […]

Tube Snake Boogie – ZZ Top

She’s the one that really gets down. When she boogie, She do the tube snake boogie. Well now boogie little baby, Boogie woogie all night long. I got a girl she lives on the block, She kinda funky with her pink and black socks. She likes to boogie, She do the tube snake boogie. Well […]

Hummbucking Part 2 – ZZ Top

Definitely feel like a king bee Sweet like jelly, bad like a truck I wanna be hummbucking on you Hummbucking, part 2 I got off, down in the bush Definitely somethin’ everybody wush for Sweet like jelly, bad likes a truck I’m gonna rub hummbucking on you Hummbucking, part 2 Burkina faso, burkina faso I […]

I Got The Six – ZZ Top

I need something more substantial. New deck of playing cards, I don’t like to work this hard, I think I’ll have to cancel. I’m running out of time, I’m about to lose my mind. I got the six, gimme your nine. Slow hand on the clock, I’m sitting here like a rock, I’m feeling so […]

Brown Sugar – ZZ Top

My friends, they all told me, Man, there’s something gonna change your life. My friends, they all told me, Man, there’s something gonna change your life. Gotta have that brown sugar. Man it’s just gonna change my life. Man, I gotta have that brown sugar. Man, it’s just gonna make me feel so right. There’s […]

It’s So Hard – ZZ Top

Cause your baby’s out there somewhere runnin’ round. Don’t start feeling blue and feeling lonely too, It’s hard I know when that love ain’t true. You just can’t explain, but you know it’s there, That empty feeling seems so unfair. What can you do when it’s gone, it’s gone, ‘Cause those lovin’ feelings seem to […]

Me So Stupid – ZZ Top

I coulda been a brain surgeon I coulda been a pharmacist I gave a shot at radio revivalist And with the boss man I never been missed Me so stupid Me so stupid Me so stupid What is my IQ What is my intelligent quotient? I coulda been the Golden Gate Bridge Or Einstein’s nemesis […]

Heard In On The X – ZZ Top

back in nineteen sixty-six? Country Jesus, hillbilly blues, that’s where I learned my licks. Oh, from coast to coast and line to line in every county there, I’m talkin’ ‘botu that outlaw X is cuttin’ through the air. Anywhere, y’all, everywhere, y’all, I heard it, I heard it, I heard it on the X. We […]

Goin’ Down To Mexico – ZZ Top

there was trouble on the rise. It was nothing more than I’d left behind, which was much to my surprise. I turned around and lit a cigarette wiped the dust off of my boots. When up ahead I saw the crowd, I knew it was no use. I’ts been the same way for Oh so […]

Woke Up With Wood – ZZ Top

I was feeling mighty good. My baby understood had to do what she should lying near a pile of wood. Laying it on some, playing with it some when I, I woke up with wood. I was lying there thinking ’bout basketball trying not to lose my mind my baby came to help and I […]

Cover Your Rig – ZZ Top

You best be confessin’ hey, don’t be cruel Just callin’ attention you probably know Don’t hold on to nothin’, it’s time to let go Say baby I want ya, I’m hurtin’ so big Take out some insurance, and cover your rig We talkin’ resurrection to shred your head That certain possession you keep in yo’ […]

Give It Up – ZZ Top

I bet vegas and they took my clothes. I bet monte carlo i was showin’ my stuff, I bet on you baby, now ain’t that enough? You got to give it up, Give it up baby. Give it up. You got to give it up, baby, tell me where it’s at. Well there’s a few […]

Avalon Hideway – ZZ Top

Somebody breathin’ down my neck While I’m tryin’ to roll the bones I don’t care I’ll just float a check Cause I’m feelin’ my gamblin’ Jones Here come seven, gimme eleven come again Love to hideout where I am my own best friend There’s crazy little Linda Lou With the long and lanky legs Nobody […]

Bedroom Thang – ZZ Top

but you’re much too young. You’re the finest thing I’ve ever seen. You just wanna have fun. I need someone who can scratch my back. I need someone who can carry my pack. I need someone to be with me at night. You’re gonna make me feel alright. Don’t you bother me with petty lines, […]

Just Got Paid – ZZ Top

got me a pocket full of change. Said, I just got paid today, got me a pocket full of change. If you believe like workin’ hard all day, just step in my shoes and take my pay. I was born my papa’s son, when I hit the ground I was on the run. I had […]

Ten Foot Pole – ZZ Top

Stry da fings thadd awondt oont do butt any il thang thad a wondt meeto. Shees my nurirng my nu esit seten’ ra mind at a ros reshoo. I don loo kadang doo my net loohah leten meen you Hmm, I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. I wouldn’t touch her with a […]

Got Me Under Pressure – ZZ Top

But she won’t let me use my passion unless it’s in a limousine. She got me under pressure, She got me under pressure. She likes the art museum, she don’t like pavlov’s dog. She fun at the mind museum, she likes it in a london fog. She don’t like other women, she likes whips and […]

Que Lastima – ZZ Top

Nadie nos quiere coger [No one wants to have sex with us] Nuestro corazon no es tan malo [Our heart isn’t so bad] Pero no tenemos mujer [But we don’t have a woman] Que lastima, que lastima, que lastima [What a pity…] Que lastima, que lastima, que lastima Nosotros tenemos cervezas [We have beers] Tambien […]

I Thank You – ZZ Top

But you did, but you did. And I thank you. You didnt have to squeeze me like you did But you did, but you did. And I thank you. If you took your love to somewhere else I wouldnt know what it meant to be loved to death You made me feel like Ive never […]

If I Could Only Flag Her Down – ZZ Top

I got enough connections, I don’t need a piece of her hide. I just wanna please her, I just wanna squeeze her. I just wanna crash her, I just wanna trash her. If I could only flag ner down, if I could only flag her down. Well, it’s not because of her beauty and her […]

I Got The Message – ZZ Top

that’s in the air tonight. It’s sparkin’ my receiver, it feels like dynamite. I got the message but I wanna get it straight from you. My mind is electric, I’m about to blow a fuse. The cockpit is empty so shoot it down the tube. I got the message but I wanna get it straight […]

Fearless Boogie – ZZ Top

They call me a saint They call me a sinner It’s gonna be the same Now i’m not afraid And i’m not afeared I ain’t gonna lose it And i’m not scared To do the fearless boogie To do the fearless boogie Smokin’ fearless boogie Until it’s gone They call me a pontiac The red […]

A Fool For Your Stockings – ZZ Top

Just banging on the front door? You say you had enough, Now you’re coming’ back for more, But that’s alright. I said that that’s alright. I may not want to admit it, I’m just a fool for your stockings I believe. Now I don’t mind when you send money and bring your girlfriends with you, […]

Made Into A Movie – ZZ Top

After such a long time I found her again And that’s not just another line A last minute scene then another If you hit your mark I gotta tell ya brother It should be made into a movie Who would believe it Should be made into a movie Oh you just have to see it […]

Beatbox – ZZ Top

And it’s got the beat A little tape deck in my hand It’s so so sweet Keeps me rockin’ round the clock I don’t mind it [when i] I got the beatbox, the beatbox, Just a beatin’ that box Beatbox, beatbox One c-90’s back to back [dc 9 is] Jumpin’ on that jack Don’t play […]

Can’t Stop Rockin’ – ZZ Top

It’s easy to do when you feel the roll. Makes you want to get up, makes you wanna move your feet. No matter how it’s done you know it can’t be beat. ‘Cause I can’t stop rockin’, no, I can’t stop rockin’. Well, I can’t stop rockin’, baby, till I lose my mind. Somebody said […]

Mellow Down Easy – ZZ Top

jump, jump, baby, everywhere. Don’t you mellow down easy, babe, you got to mellow down easy. Don’t you mellow down easy. Got to mellow down easy. Don’t you mellow down easy. Got to mellow down easy, babe. Don’t you mellow down easy. Got to mellow down easy. Don’t you mellow down easy. Mellow down easy […]

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