Performer ZZ TOP

PCH – ZZ Top

Getting a little shake Do it every day for mercy sake Sometime surf’s up Sometimes it’s flat Eatin’ up asphalt […]

Tush – ZZ Top

Take my word, my way around. I ain’t askin’ for much. I said, Lord, take me downtown, I’m just lookin’ […]

Sleeping Bag – ZZ Top

Go for a pallet that’s so nice and thin. Zip it on around while it’s on the ground, Spread it […]

2000 Blues – ZZ Top

wouldn’t touch the price I paid of the hundred thousand moments of the times I wish I’d stayed. But even […]

Buck Nekkid – ZZ Top

A hand in the pocket and a hand in her shorts Shoot me the two and don’t be slow You’ve […]

Burger Man – ZZ Top

put your order in my hand. Won’t you let me show you what I got sizzlin in the pan. Any […]

Liquor – ZZ Top

My baby did a lowdown dirty thing My baby turned my mind to mush She took my liquor, left me […]

Down Brownie – ZZ Top

had a smile run across my face. My baby from town just had to get down, come and drag me […]

Gun Love – ZZ Top

Shootin’ at the target of love. She likes to load her chamber, Hot and tight like a black leather glove. […]

Hairdresser – ZZ Top

The shape my hair is in It’s way too humid, today, my head, it ain’t no friend If I was […]

Ko Ko Blue – ZZ Top

Can you come and see me tonight? Black, white, feel alright if you could in broad daylight. If I could […]

Deal Goin’ Down – ZZ Top

There’s always just a mystery that locks you in a trance No matter what the future brings you’re booked, and […]

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