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I Need You Tonight – ZZ Top

and the rain begin to fall but I know what I’m needin but I don’t have it all. I’m needin someone like you that I just wanna do love to. Baby, baby, I need you tonight. Outside my window it’s lonely and cold. Inside my heart there’s a fire burning out of control. Burning for […]

I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide – ZZ Top

I had a blues man in back, and a beautician at the wheel. We going downtown in the middle of the night We laughing and i’m jokin’ and we feelin’ alright. Oh i’m bad, i’m nationwide. Yes i’m bad, i’m nationwide. Easin’ down the highway in a new cadillac, I had a fine fox in […]

Gimme All Your Lovin’ – ZZ Top

You got to make it hot, like a boomerang i need a repeat, Gimme all your lovin’, all your hugs and kisses too, Gimme all your lovin’, don’t let up until we’re through, You got to whip it up and hit me like a ton of lead, If i blow my top will you let […]

Heard It On The X – ZZ Top

back in nineteen sixty-six? Country Jesus, hillbilly blues, that’s where I learned my licks. Oh, from coast to coast and line to line in every county there, I’m talkin’ ’bout that outlaw X is cuttin’ through the air. Anywhere, y’all, everywhere, y’all, I heard it, I heard it, I heard it on the X. We […]

Cherry Red – ZZ Top

Crazy things that I think she said Slides so slinky that it’s gotta be real she just wanna know how to feel Cherry red, cherry red She just wanna feel cherry red Cherry red, cherry red She just wanna feel cherry red This town of killer bits is doing me in Tried to leave once, […]

Shiek – ZZ Top

who led me to the Congo. He dreamed to go to Mexico and sample a burrito. My temperature had risen again, it must have been a hundred and ten. Under the oaks I was telling some jokes and thinkin’ I had it made- Gettin’ on with the folks, havin’ some Coke and coolin’ off in […]

Lovething – ZZ Top

made me as weak as a lamb. Tastes so fine like french silk pie, sweet as strawberry jam. It could have been the thing that she told me, when she threw her wrench at my monkey. Shoulda been a cool scene, Like honey on a ripped queen. I thought it was a day-dream, But it […]

Ten Dollar Man – ZZ Top

Comin’ ’round here after sunlight With your peaches and your Pream And your rollin’ magazine, Tellin’ me you’ll make me feel alright. Now, you’ll make me feel alright Mister Ten Dollar Man with a girl by the hand, Will this ten-spot take her away? With his slaver’s finance He winked; Said, “Take a chance.” Don’t […]

Dust My Broom – ZZ Top

I believe I’ll dust my broom. I’m gonna get up in the morning I believe I’ll dust my broom. Well my best gal I’ll be leaving So my friend, get out my room I’m gonna write a letter to China See if my baby’s over there. I’m gonna write a letter to China See if […]

My Head’s In Mississippi – ZZ Top

But my head’s in mississippi. I’m shufflin’ thru the texas sand, But my head’s in mississippi. The blues has got a hold of me. I believe i’m gettin’ dizzy. (spoken: help me now.) I keep thinkin’ ’bout that night in memphis, Lord, i thought i was in heaven. I keep thinkin’ ’bout that night in […]

Stackin’ Paper – ZZ Top

Cheers n wavers Gimme another million dollars, another million Stackin paper My money maker I’m ready and I’m willin To stack paper Ice and butter brother Coz sister got to have it too, hey hey hey now I am wheelin’ in Reno Deal in Monte Carlo I can let it everywhere Loaded and truckin if […]

Thunderbird – ZZ Top

Get high, everybody, get high. Get high, everybody, get high. Get high, everybody, get high. Have you heard? What’s the word? It’s Thunderbird. All you kids from Texas, you grow so big and tall. All of them kids from Texas they grow so big and tall. All of them like to roam in that T-Bird […]

My Mind Is Gone – ZZ Top

To remember just who I am One thing else I don’t enjoy is Forgetting her monogram She electrifies my physical mass She really turns me on My mind is gone My mind is gone She quite simply wrecks me She just tears me apart She screws me up and skewers me She made it quite […]

Rhythmeen – ZZ Top

Hunkin’ down Funkin’ up on Magazine On rhythmeen in New Orleans Drinkin’ Dixie 45 with hot links In a silver Continental Wired as hell and doin’ things That’s what you get on rhythmeen Oh yeah, way up Oh yeah, way out Uh-huh, get on up Rhythmeen is down Rhythmeen thing Mean mean rhythmeen Can’t get […]

Whiskey’n Mama – ZZ Top

Whiskey’n mama, you shouldn’t have said you wanted me to be your lover true, then turn around and treats me just likes you do. I should have known better than to fool with a whiskey’n mama. Now I could be right and could be wrong, you been layin’ out all night long. You telephoned this […]

What Would You Do – ZZ Top

If you was to love me What would you do If I loved you too I’ know that I’d Fall like a sinner I’d rather fall in sin than fall in Blues What would you do If you was to f– me What would you do If I f– you too I know that I’d […]

She’s Just Killing Me – ZZ Top

Everything about her was cool But I’m a little partial for beautiful girls Even if they blood runs blue I think I see her I think I want her I think I love her She’s just killing me I think she’s killing me Her castanets are enormous Her bongo beat absolute And when she doin’ […]

Velcro Fly – ZZ Top

On your pants makes you wanna dance. I say yeah yeah, I say yeah yeah. There ain’t never a catch, all you got to do is snatch, Do the velcro fly, Do the velcro fly. You need just enough of that sticky stuff To hold the seams of your fine blue jeans. I say yeah […]

Move Me On Down The Line – ZZ Top

I wonder where it’s been and where it’s goin’. I tell you, boy, every time the feelin’ sure is fine. Just move me on down the line, just move me on down the line. Then I heard Red Rooster start his crowin’ around the curve that cloud of smoke was blowin’. I tell you, boy, […]

Chevrolet – ZZ Top

Album: Rio Grande Mud Titolo: Chevrolet In a flat Forty-One with my strat by the door we was goin’ to the country for what we came for. I’m sure you’ve smelled the trees in the air. The best of motor cruisin’s just the joy to get there. I was approachin’ Simonton down by the cotton […]

El Diablo – ZZ Top

That happened not long ago ’bout the man with a tan: El diablo de Mexico? And this man played his hand And he lived by the luck of the draw; Now and then and again, Found him steppin’ outside of the law Hey, hey! And his fortune he had made let him live high on […]

Goin’ So Good – ZZ Top

And I was always thinkin’ it would never end Then the time came, to the end of the game Don’t you know? And just when the sky got shiny and bright There never seemed to be an end of the light But then the clouds came, it started to rain Don’t you know? Just when […]

Bang Bang – ZZ Top

Pretty thing jumpin’ all around Shakin’ your money-maker now Take it off and take me down Bang, bang, shang-a-lang Bang, bang, shang-a-lang Take it off She bang-bang my shang-a-lang She bang-bang my shang-a-lang Hey yeah Tear me up, baby, tear me down You got me movin’ upside down Feelin’ good, I’m feelin’ alright Do it […]

TV Dinners – ZZ Top

TV dinners they really can’t be beat I like ’em frozen but you understand I throw ’em in and wave ’em and I’m a brand new man oh yeah! TV dinners they’re goin’ to my head TV dinners my skin is turnin’ red Twenty year old turkey in a thirty year old tin I can’t […]

Tube Snake Boogie – ZZ Top

She’s the one that really gets down. When she boogie, She do the tube snake boogie. Well now boogie little baby, Boogie woogie all night long. I got a girl she lives on the block, She kinda funky with her pink and black socks. She likes to boogie, She do the tube snake boogie. Well […]

Hummbucking Part 2 – ZZ Top

Definitely feel like a king bee Sweet like jelly, bad like a truck I wanna be hummbucking on you Hummbucking, part 2 I got off, down in the bush Definitely somethin’ everybody wush for Sweet like jelly, bad likes a truck I’m gonna rub hummbucking on you Hummbucking, part 2 Burkina faso, burkina faso I […]

I Got The Six – ZZ Top

I need something more substantial. New deck of playing cards, I don’t like to work this hard, I think I’ll have to cancel. I’m running out of time, I’m about to lose my mind. I got the six, gimme your nine. Slow hand on the clock, I’m sitting here like a rock, I’m feeling so […]

Brown Sugar – ZZ Top

My friends, they all told me, Man, there’s something gonna change your life. My friends, they all told me, Man, there’s something gonna change your life. Gotta have that brown sugar. Man it’s just gonna change my life. Man, I gotta have that brown sugar. Man, it’s just gonna make me feel so right. There’s […]

It’s So Hard – ZZ Top

Cause your baby’s out there somewhere runnin’ round. Don’t start feeling blue and feeling lonely too, It’s hard I know when that love ain’t true. You just can’t explain, but you know it’s there, That empty feeling seems so unfair. What can you do when it’s gone, it’s gone, ‘Cause those lovin’ feelings seem to […]

Me So Stupid – ZZ Top

I coulda been a brain surgeon I coulda been a pharmacist I gave a shot at radio revivalist And with the boss man I never been missed Me so stupid Me so stupid Me so stupid What is my IQ What is my intelligent quotient? I coulda been the Golden Gate Bridge Or Einstein’s nemesis […]

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